Feeling Feisty this Morning

Actually.. I’m feeling kinda drained and just plum worn out but I figured I write a blog about some things people may not know about me and see how fired up I get them….hoping that will in turn fire me up!


So here goes… some things you may not know about me because I try to not talk about them in public just because of the fact that NO ONE lets anyone have their own opinions or beliefs anymore without ridicule and prosecution if it’s not exactly how they think/believe.


5)  I HATE  working with other women.. now I know this is a horrible thing to say because I myself am a woman and it puts the females down but damn… working with all women is like working in a hen house listening to all that clucking going on everyday!!  And if their cycles aren’t all matched up then you have a bitch going 24/7 and you never get away from it.  We women tend to be emotional, especially when our bodies are going through their “visitors” and if something is said that can be construed as a personal slam… oh lord then the “Well, she said that you said that I said that she said that he said that she said that you said” crap starts and frankly.. I finished high school.. hated that too but I finished it.. and I damn sure don’t want to live it everyday..



4)  I don’t believe in organized religion!  GASP***** she’s going to hell… Umm No, I’m not.  I believe in God and Satan, Heaven and Hell.. I’ve seen both angels and demons.. I know what lays beyond our time here on Earth… BUT.. no where does it say that I must go to a church every Sunday morning, donate my money to them and be judged by every person in there!  Plus.. I have had and still have so called “Christians” in my life that are so far from what the bible says we should be but yet attends said church every week and wears their falsetto mask making the church and it’s sheeple think what great Christians they are when in reality they are evil, hate mongering assholes that have greatly affected my life for no other reason then, they can!


3)  I am truly starting to dislike the movies where good wins!  Fuck that… good hasn’t won in my life for a very long time.. so I’d kinda like to see Hollywood do a “real life” story.. ya know where evil kills everyone and gets away with it.. to go on and lead a long happy life after doing nothing but evil.. cause frankly that’s how life seems to be.. the worse of a person you are the better your life on Earth is… I LOVED… LOVED the movie Mama.. if you haven’t seen it.. go see it.. Both Good and Evil won at the end… it touched my heart.. I teared up..snif snif..

images (7)


2)I don’t like Obama!!!!  OMG YOUR A RACIST SHANNY.. umm no.. I’m a republican.  I think he’s doing a horrible job and it’s not because of the color of his skin… I never ever talk politics because if your not thinking like the sheeple then obviously your a racist… it can’t possibly be because of the merits of his work.. nooooo.. that can’t be..  So there.. I said it.. I don’t like him.. I think he’s about the worst president ever… Would I like to see another person of color be elected.. heck ya!  Bring on a Republican Sister.. she won’t tolerate no BS!  Honestly I do not care if your black,brown, red, white or green… I only care if your helping this country or hurting it…

and last but not least… (this is one my husband and I have discussed because he is opposite in thinking then I am)

1)  I am PRO CHOICE…. I would rather a woman have the right to terminate a pregnancy if she is truly feels like she just cannot go through with it.  No one should be forced to put their bodies through such intense hell for something they a) didn’t want, b) was forced upon them (a rape baby) or c) knows they cannot afford to take care of a child properly.. the Pro Lifers will say.. “give it up for adoption”.. do you know how unbelievably hard that is???  Most women give birth, see the baby and their hearts are forever given to that small miracle.. there is no way I could give one of my babies up for adoption…it would literally kill me.   I also would hate to see it go back to a time where women were using wire coat hangers to do it themselves or throwing themselves down stairs or worse, seeing a butcher in a back room who leave them sterile because of it.  Nope.. Leave it like it is.. where women can go into a sterile medical environment , have the procedure done then have the medical attention needed for after care AND have the mental health care they will need.  It’s their body, their choice.  Now personally.. I could never have an abortion.  I lost 4 babies and the 2 I managed to carry to term were almost lost several times during pregnancy.. for the hell I went through to have mine.. I couldn’t imagine just going and having one terminated… but I truly live by the “Live and let live” motto..

Userpage icon for pro-choice

Userpage icon for pro-choice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who am I to judge someone for their beliefs?  Who am I to tell someone they can’t do this or that because it’s wrong, especially if it’s only because it’s not something I believe in?  If you want to worship Allah or Buddha, Shiva, Jesus or Zeuz.. then hey.. go for it.   If you want to think that Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread.. more power to you!! I hope that he’s working great in your life.. if you like that the good guy’s always win and believe that to be true.. then I’m kinda jealous.. cause the good guys’ seem to lose most in my life.. maybe I’m just jaded.. too many disappointments in my life.. but this is who I am.. this is how I think/believe… I have been slammed more then once on Facebook because of pictures I post or things I say… and I always apologize and what not.. but the truth is.. I’ve NEVER ONCE told somebody that they were wrong for posting this or that.. I’ve never sent a message to someone trying to make them feel like crap because of something they posted or because of something they believed in.. that’s not me…



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