Lacy’s Journal

Disclaimer (the following journal entries are all fictional, any resemblance to any person famous or otherwise is completely coincidental ).  Also contains X-Rated scenes.. if your EASILY offended.. do yourself a favor and leave this blog.. Thank you



The search has been officially called off.  It broke my heart to tell those 3 beautiful children that I failed them in protecting their mother and bringing her home safely to them.  Brianna yelled at me, calling me a bastard and a home wrecker, Derrick told me he hated me and would never ever forgive me.. lil bit… she just cried saying she wanted her mommy.  If I could have died right then I would have.. because honestly my heart died right there.

Craig told me that he didn’t blame me for anything and knows I tried everything to find her.  He asked me to keep in touch if anything is ever said or found about Lacy.  I told him I would never stop searching for her.. ever and when he is healed enough he is more then welcomed to search with me, but I know he has months if not years ahead of him of recovery.  The blow to his head has caused some brain damage, he has trouble with speech and it’s hard for him to move his left arm and hand.

I’m going to go give Beckie a visit.  I want to see if there is any place that she might not have thought about that Lacy could be… I swear Lacy..  I will never stop searching for you.. ever.




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