Another list of some of my favorite things

So today I’m not in a great mood… my arm hurts.. my head hurts.. my heart is kinda hurtin.. I sat here and thought.. I could either write a blog complaining and whining about how it all sucks ass or I could do something a little more cherry… some of my most favorite things…

1)  True Blue Spa from Bath and Body Works… Love it!!  The 60 second manicure is smells great and leaves your hands feeling so smooth..



2)  Free Samples…  What’s not to love about free samples??? I mean they are free for one.. and it’s always better to try something for free then spending any of my hard earned money on something that I might end up not liking…


3)  Nuts.. I love nuts.. all kinds.. Boiled Peanuts being my most favorite followed by Walnuts, Pecans, Brazil, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Cashews.. any of them.. and oh dear lord if you cover them in dark chocolate… I will love you forever….



4) Vanilla body spray.. preferably the Avon Naturals brand.. it’s yummy smelling..


5) Chick-fil-a Lemonade… OMG.. sooooo good.. just the right amount of tart and sweet..





6) Zulilly… I’m addicted to this shopping site..



7) I love how my furry baby knows when I’m either sick or unhappy… he comes to me and purr’s really loudly and bosses his way into my face.. gives me head bonkz and kitty kisses and demands my attention..  it makes me smile..


8) Knowing I’m right.. even when he refuses to admit it!

9) Spending the day with my sugar bug.. having a girls day… doing some shopping.. getting our nails done.. lunch.. just listening to her chatter on and on about what’s important to her… makes me wish my mom would have made it to meet her..




10)… Pain free sleep.. I don’t remember what that feels like anymore.. but I’m sure it’s great and would be high up on my list of most favorite things…


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