My August Crush of the Month is…

So it’s that time of month again.. for my crush of the month… I’ve been debating on who to chose for this month.. I mean after all it’s my birth month so it has to be someone special…so I chose someone who was born in the same month.. Now this particular actor is sadly no longer with us but if you were a child of the 80’s… you’ll remember how every young girl drooled over this hottie… it’s none other then..




Yes.. Patrick Swayze… we fell in love with him as Darrel in the Outsiders



We felt his heartache in Red Dawn



We ALL wanted him to “Dance” with us like he did baby…. “No body puts baby in the corner”….



Oh Patrick… to have you be nice to any of us 80’s teen girls… that’s all we wanted…


Sadly we lost this talented actor/dancer/singer way to early to that nasty nasty disease Cancer… He died Sept 14, 2009, wow almost 4 years ago already, at only 57 years old.  Cancer really sucks!


So there you have it.. my crush of the month.. You’ll always be Johnny Castle to me… and now that you are a ghost… maybe you could come see me??? What? Too soon??? 🙂


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