Got Ink?




I currently sport 5 tattoo’s.. (one of them in danger of being removed.. long story)… and I’m so ready for another one.  I want my children’s names.. I want the strength symbol.. I want “Never Again”… I want a cherry blossom tree w/ blooms… how about you?  Do you have a tat?  Do you want a tat?  What would you get if you could?


14 thoughts on “Got Ink?

  1. I have three if you count my eyeliner. 😉 I want another one too. My best friend and I tried to get the word “promise” tattooed on our pinky recently, but the shop refused. They said a tattoo on the finger fades too quickly. 😦 I wish I had the nerve to go with a full sleeve. Some of them look so pretty!

    • yeah.. I don’t think I could handle getting huge one’s.. all of mine are about hand sized and they about killed but in my head I’m all bada** and going.. oh yeah.. I’d love to get that… knowing it aint gonna happen…lol

  2. I don’t have any tattoo’s although when I was younger I wanted to get one but looking back today, I am happy I didn’t. Tattoos look ok on someone who is young and when i mean OK, one or two, but these “sleeves” and neck tattoos are just disgusting! How do they think those tattoos are going to look like when they are 50 +? No thanks

    • For me personally.. I feel no one’s skin is going to look great at 70/80 so I don’t see how tattoo’s are going to change that. it’s an expression of art. I know some people quote the bible and say that your body is a temple and the bible is against it.. but I’m not tattooing my soul.. just my skin and the skin stays here when we die. I think some people do go over board on them.. I do like sleeves on guys (if they are done by a real artist and not someone at home trying to make $)… but neck/face/head tattoo’s… no.. I’m not about those. Thanks for the input.. love hearing other’s takes on things.

  3. I have a Yang (half a yingyang) on the back of my neck/upper back. I want to now have the Ying put there too, but hanging down from the Yang. I also want a full back piece, to include Lotus blossoms, but I don’t have a couple of thousand to get that one! I would love a sleeve, but only a good one.

  4. Hey, Shanny!

    I have my eyes tattooed and one huge one on my thigh.
    I would like one across the lower part of my back, but not found what I want just yet. Hope your having a great day. Hugs Paula xxx

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