Elvis has left the building..



Born Elvis Aaron Presley on January 8, 1935 35 minutes after his twin brother Jesse Garon Presley was still born.  Elvis moved to Tupelo, Mississippi with his family where he placed 5th in his first public singing contest.  Little did they know then how HUGE this man would become later in life.  Anyone born on or before say 1972 truly loved this musical icon.  I know growing up we listened to his music all the time, I even still have an old Vinyl of his Christmas songs that I still play every Christmas.  When he died, the world cried.  We all felt like we had lost a family member, and in a way I guess we did.  No one has come close (in my personal opinion) to being the entertainer that he was, and most likely never will.  He was from a time era that you had to actually have talent to be famous… not just a catchy tune with a family member in the business to open the door for you.

It’s funny, the other day my 10 yr old daughter came up to me and said “Mom.. I was looking at the pictures of you when you were a kid and ummmm.. your dad looked like Elvis”… yes… I’m raising her right.  Here it is 37 years AFTER his death and my 10 year old not only knows who he is but what he looks like!  How awesome am I?

Some say that he isn’t really dead, that if he was his tombstone would have the correct spelling on it.  They say that he couldn’t take the pressure’s of being famous anymore and decided to fake his own death.  I will say for awhile I believed it that he wasn’t dead, I mean I saw him in Winn Dixie in the late 80’s… (I know it was him dammit and back then we didn’t’ have cell phones to snap a pic)… but now that I’m older I have to think that with the technology we have if he was still alive he would be found and brought up on charges for  faking his own death… so sadly I will accept the fact that he is dead.. unless of course he really did go back to his home planet!



I thought “In the Ghetto” would be perfect for my post..if you follow me.. you know why!








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