My Explanation

So I told you all several months back that I was diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder.  Not sure what that is, well here.. read all about it.. Now keep in mind that it took several months to get this diagnosis.. it started out with a first visit to the sports medicine clinic.  My dr told me that he was suspicious that is what I had and wanted me to come back in 3 months to see if it’s any worse and to have an MRI during that time.  So I have the MRI and I go back.. he says “Well.. you do not have a rotary cuff injury… it’s what I had thought it’s frozen shoulder”.  So he makes me wait again before he makes a decision on what he wants to do.. meaning surgery (manipulative, not cutting) or injections or physical therapy… okay.. more waiting… go back for his “decision” and his decision was to send me to ortho… ugh.. more waiting.

Now I get into the ortho dr who tells me that surgery is not an option, then he tells me that because I had a slight reaction to the shot the sports med dr gave me they were now out of the question.. so he sent me to pain management… which I might add that guy was a quack!

Now in the meantime I had to go see my original surgeon because I’ve been having stomach problems and since I had the gastric bypass 2 yrs ago I can’t let those go unattended.  I tell him what’s going on w/ my shoulder and he’s livid.  He tells me they gave me a bullshit answer, something to just pass me on and get rid of me.  I go back into the hospital where I have to have an upper GI scope.. when I come out from under anesthesia my shoulder is killing me to the point I’m in tears.. (it’s my left shoulder and they had to lay me on the left side).  Mr dr tells me that he is going to contact his pain management dr there at Walter Reed and get me in to see him.. and that he was not buying, and I quote “that bullshit so called diagnosis they gave you”… and to my surprise he did.. and the next working day I got a call from the Pain Management clinic and she said they wanted me in the next day.. man my surgeon rocks!

Anyways.. they all agree’d that I do show signs of Frozen Shoulder but.. and here’s the big but.. I show a lot of signs of nerve damage in my neck/spine.  Not common for both of them to be going on at the same time, but that’s me.. I’m that .001% patient.. so now I have to go get yet another MRI and then go back to pain management on the 29th, my bday.. happy bday to me!  They talked about admitting me to do that manipulative surgery I mentioned earlier with at least a week long stay after for intensive physical therapy… not looking forward to that but after the last couple of weeks and the pain I’ve had (today being harshest) I am ready to go pack my bag and head to the hospital tonight!

So this dear readers is why I haven’t blogged too much lately (well written rather then copied and pasted things).  It hurts to type, it hurts to sit, to lay, to stand… sex is almost impossible anymore.. this truly sucks!  The only reason I can type right now is I came home and took 2 pain pills.. hoping it would knock me out but it didn’t… so there you have it…



4 thoughts on “My Explanation

  1. Honey, in the meantime you need to take the pills all the time, not just at the end of a bad day. Have you tried heat or ice treatments to help relieve the pain sometimes it helps (sometimes it doesn’t). I love you Shannon XXXXX (also if you can manage nookie, it releases endorphins and helps with pain).

    • I can’t take the pills and drive to work or work period.. they knock me out.. so I can only take them at bedtime.. 😦 If I were rich I could just take off work but that’s not a possibility.. and Rob’s about to start a job making $10k less a year.. so yeah.. I’ll be working even more most likely to make up the difference.. you know the ex has to have the easy life.. not us.. sex.. well it’s a longer recovery time each time so I’ve gotten to the point I don’t even want it.. GASP.. I know right.. the world must be coming to an end!!!! I love you too honey.. and don’t worry about me.. I’m too stubborn to let it stop me..

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