I have the best Sister EVER

A few weeks back I posted a blog about a few of my favorite things.. Well today I got a package in the mail from my sister Michelle for my birthday.. (it’s not til next week but she let me open it early.. she really does love me)…. Well guess what she got me??????


favorite things


Yup.. pretty much everything on my list!!! How cool is that?  She got me nuts, vanilla body spray from Avon with the vanilla lotion and body wash (which I am out of!)  The manicure scrub from Bath and Body works with a hand lotion.. and 2 gift cards for Chick Fil A for my LEMONADE…. Man… she rocks!!!!  I love her so much!!!!!


Btw dear readers.. her son is in the hospital.. and in a lot of pain.. he’s had one operation and has more to come.. I ask that if your are a praying person.. please say a prayer for him.. Put him on your prayer chains… and just lift him up in light and good thoughts.. pray for strength for her too.  His name is Christopher, and her name is Michelle…  Thank you..




6 thoughts on “I have the best Sister EVER

  1. YAY!!! Go sister. 🙂

    I love my sister very much also. I’m not religious Shanny. But, I am spiritual and believe in the universe. So, I send Christopher my love and hope the universe can hear your prayers for help. Love and hugs to you and your sister. Paula xxx

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