All I really want….

A pair of freaking jeans that fit!  That’s all… but I can’t find any.  They are either too big in the waist, or to tight.. the legs are either too tight and cutting off circulation, not to mention I have to grease up, run and jump off the bed sliding into them with the help of my husband, the entire Olympic Weight lifting team and a crane just to pull them, Or the legs are so big and baggy and have bell bottoms that I get lost in them.  I’m constantly pulling up my jeans because frankly I have no ass so they just slide down every time I move or bend over.

Okay.. so I'm not quite as bad as Hank Hill here.. but I'm not far from it..

Okay.. so I’m not quite as bad as Hank Hill here.. but I’m not far from it..


So why my dear friends is it so hard to find a pair of jeans.. ones that aren’t so low cut that you have to have a perfect stomach to wear them, or ones that aren’t so high up they surpass “mom” jeans of the 80s?   Is that really such a bad thing to ask for????  Maybe one day I’ll get enough time and money to have a surgery to give me a butt.. and boobs but that’s a different story… Until then.. I guess I’ll just keep hiking my jeans up or greasin up to slide into them..



6 thoughts on “All I really want….

  1. I’ve found that I’m a big fan of Chico’s Platinum series jeans. They have them for all kinds of body types. (Also almost wrote a blog about how incredibly unflattering skinny jeans are on men…even the skinny ones.)

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