He that is without sin….

I haven’t really discussed this on WordPress but I have on Facebook, but as I sit here this morning on my porch, in the quiet of the morning I couldn’t help but think about some stuff (while checking my facebook feed) and thought.. what the hell.. I”ll post about this today.  If you know me at all, I’m a very much live and let live kinda of person.  I try not to judge anyone, but I am only human and I do, but at least I try to keep those judgement’s to myself.  I mean of course, if your raping children, beating old people to death or so on.. oh yeah.. I’m gonna judge you and I’m going to let it be known how despicable you are and that you belong in prison… but if your gay and want to be married to your partner.. go for it.  Your unmarried and get pregnant, okay.. it’s not the end of the world, after all this isn’t 1950 anymore.  If you like to eat pickles covered in RediWhip… (my son just did this).. ummm okay then.. it’s gross but hey.. you go for it!

Lately however (I’d say over the last year) I find that I am more and more under the magnifying glass and being judged for what I post on my page.. did you get that.. MY page….which is fine.  If you want to judge me, condemn me to hell, or just decide you need to pray for my soul.. then go ahead.  That’s not the part that upsets me at all.  In fact I want everyone to pray for my soul because frankly I don’t want to get to Heaven and God say “Hey, um Shannon.. how come you had no one love you enough in life to pray for you?”.  Yeah, that’s not something I want to have to explain to my father so yeah, pray.. and pray hard!  What my issue is is the big deal made over it.   I have “hidden” dozen’s of people that I don’t necessarily agree with their beliefs or maybe they post things that I just find offensive, but I don’t contact them to try to make them feel horrible about themselves.  I don’t lecture them on what I believe they are doing wrong.. nope.. I just let them live their lives, and sometimes I say silent prayers for them.  That’s it.   So I have to ask why do I not get the same consideration?  I dunno, maybe I’m a pillar in the Facebook community and I’m held to higher standards… I doubt that but maybe.. who knows.

Now I know your probably wondering what it is that I’m doing so wrong on my page.. well let me give you a couple of examples.  First thing is our current Commander in Chief.  Yup, I don’t like the job he’s doing.  I’m a republican and I just don’t think he’s done anything that’s helped this country.  I try very hard to not discuss politics at all because it usually just ends up in a huge online fight that has everyone TYPING IN ALL CAPS… but not once have I been told “hey.. your a republican and that is your opinion” (I take that back.. only 1 person seems to do that and her name is Monica).. but the rest is always a race thing.. I guess your not allowed to dislike the man or your a racist.. which I find extremely funny and hurtful at the same time.  You see my best friend in the world.. whom I love dearly and consider her my sister, hell closer to me then one of my blood sisters is ….. black.. GASP (love you Nikki.. and surprise, your black honey).. I know right!  I’ve dated white guys, black guys, French guys, an Italian,  Rednecks.. whatever.. if they treated me nice and asked me out, sure, why not?  I’ve even dated a girl once… (well it was really just a weekend thing but still)…I don’t’ see colors on people.. I mean yeah if I look at someone and see they are a dark skin then obviously I realize they are not white (unless they are like tanning mom and over did in the tanning bed)! But I don’t think right off the bat, omg that guy/girl is white I bet he/she is awesome and omg that guy/girl is black I bet they are horrible… nope, sorry that’s not me and not who I am.. so if your going to throw out a race card on me.. your wasting one of your cards.  Might wanna save that for a fight later on.

Another example is the “Porn” images I post.  Um, I don’t remember posting any porn but I have posted pictures of extremely sexy men and women.  I find the human body beautiful in all shapes and sizes.  I’m an artist and I have an artist heart.  I’m also a very sexual woman and yeah.. sometimes you just see a picture of someone and you think “Hot dayum!!! lookit that sexy beast“.. and you share it.  I mean all I want to do is share the love… teehee.  I will also post pictures of people who are tattoo’d because I find them sexy.. and artistic.  I can’t help that they may have tattoo’s in their nether regions, but not once have I posted a picture of a woman’s vagina, a man’s penis or the two of them locked in throws of passion where you can see the actually penetration (hence porn)!  On occasion I will post something sexy on my husbands page that lets him know that I love him and desire him.  I think it’s kinda great that after 4 years of marriage and 6 years together and being in a constant state of hell and rough roads thank’s to others who want to see us fail that we still find each other as sexy as we do, that we still want and desire each other, that we love each other and that we aren’t posting these things on other people pages!   Okay, yeah I get it.. you have kids and you don’t want them seeing that kind of stuff.. that’s fine, hide my status updates.. but please, don’t try to act like you’ve never seen anything like that  before and your virgin eye’s/ears can’t handle it.. I mean after all.. YOU HAVE KIDS.. so you’ve had sex.. at least however many times you’ve had kids.. right?  I don’t think you have given birth to the new Messiah.

I was not only blasted for this picture but deleted and blocked on FB and unfollowed on Pinterest!

I was not only blasted for this picture but deleted and blocked on FB and unfollowed on Pinterest!

Well now that I’m more then sure I’ve pissed off several people and will probably even be delete for this blog I guess I will wrap it up for you all.  If I do offend someone, please trust me when I tell you it’s NEVER my intention to do so.  I try to let everyone live their lives the way I’m wanting to be allowed to live mine.  If you love me enough to be concerned about something I may post or write, feel free to talk to me about it.. not at me, but to me.  If I’m a little to risque’ for you and your child(ren) then please.. please hide my status updates.  I don’t want anyone to ever fear logging on and seeing something they don’t want too.  My children personally do not see my page, my daughter doesn’t have Facebook and won’t for another 3 yrs at the least and my son, well he’s 16 now and doesn’t really get on Facebook at all anymore.. after all it’s not Xbox is it?

Thanks and I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.  I ask for continued prayers for nephew Christopher, he has shown no signs of improvement.  Love always




9 thoughts on “He that is without sin….

  1. l total agree with everything you wrote, I have a very opened mind and if people don’t like what I put on my page…its simple..don’t follow or read it, just leave. And if their children are older enough to be on face book than I bet they have seen worse than that picture.

  2. Shanny, people are just plain stupid. What you post on your page is your business. And I too have been blocked on facebook for a racy picture and guess what I saw the other day in my feed? A picture of a vagina!!! Seriously my sexy picture gets blocked but a full on vagina does not? go figure. If someone does not like what is on your page they are free to delete it or hide it. I know my animal pictures can be gruesome but I am trying to help animals I am not doing it to upset people–yet I have been asked by people not to do that. Really, if I see something I don’t like on facebook I delete it or hide it but I certainly do not rant to the person who posted, unless of course it has to do with animal abuse or cruelty–then I rant. The bottum line is that it is your page and you should post whatever you damn well feel like posting–fb police aside.


    • Thank you Ivonne.. that is exactly my point.. if you want to hide me.. hide me.. if you want to delete me.. go ahead.. just don’t make a big deal out of it to me.. like your purposely trying to make me feel like crap so you can feel better.. ya know? I try not to post things that are too extreme.. but I will post sexy pictures because I don’t see them as Porn.. I see them as art… and frankly.. if your an adult and your acting like you’ve never ever seen a partially naked person then I’m going to have to believe you’ve never been to a pool/beach/club… and I just can’t believe that.. 🙂

  3. Simply, We can’t fix stupid. Evil exists and most people no longer believe in morals or absolutes. Such is the future. Your blog is yours, no one is forced to follow. We may disagree on many things, but expressing yourself in your own voice IS your right, and let no one tell you differently.

  4. People just like to have something to bitch about! You’re doing nothing wrong. Just like you said, if they have a problem with it, they can just “hide” the updates…or are they too stupid to figure out how to do that?! I had a person who constantly posted pics of her face, and another who always talked politics…so I hid them, problem solved. Who are we to tell anyone else what to say or how to act? So go you!

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