I think it’s “Fight Your Fears” week for me

So this week has not been the best of weeks for me.  It started off this past Sunday evening with an MRI… needless to say I didn’t fare well.  I had to hit the panic button, ended up crying and what was supposed to take about 30/40 minutes took over an hour.. but I did it!  Go me…

MRI Scan tube

Well yesterday at work I closed my blinds, something I rarely do and when I did I found mouse droppings.  Now for months something has been burrowing in my plants I had in the window but I could never find droppings or any tell tale signs of what it was… so I moved the plants and I had no other thing happen for weeks now..I thought “Problem Solved”…Until this morning.  I came in late (already started off the day badly with an very unhappy tummy) to discover that 2 of the instructors here who were sitting in the common room that is adjacent to my office witnessed a mouse run out from under the couch and take off into Dave’s office, which is right beside mine.  Just freaking terrific.  I can not do rodents.  They freak me out..even squirrels… yeah..they look so cute in a Disney movie but in real life the poop everywhere.. gnaw into everything and carry disease… YUCK.. So here I sit at work, with my feet propped up on my computer praying to God that I do not see this thing.. with my luck I’ll jump and cause extreme pain to my already tore up shoulder… well if I do.. can we say Workers Comp????


Yeah.. they aint this cute!!!!


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