We have a diagnosis..

So if you read my blog the other day you’d have known that I had an MRI this past Sunday and yeah.. it was torturous hell..I’m still recovering from it.  Anyways today I had a doctors appointment to discuss the results of said test.  Turns out I have a bulging disc in my neck.. yay me.  So now I have … yup, you guessed it.. more test to do!  Yay me again…

Well next Thursday I have my first procedure.  It’s a Cervical Epidural with Steroid injection into the spine to coat the nerves to help them chill out!  Next Tuesday I have to call and schedule and appointment with the Neurology department to have a Nerve Conduction Study done to determine how long it takes for my nerves to send a message to the end of my fingers…sounds interesting.



I am also being sent to a Chiropractor to try to help set me straight.. hahaha.. get it.. AND.. they want me to go see the Ortho Surgeon to see about shoulder surgery…. I think the rest of this year is going to be kind hard for me.. But I know with my help of my family and friends, I’ll be just fine on the other side of it all.



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