My crush of the month- September

Well it’s that time again… time for my crush of the month posts…  For this month I’m going to chose the luscious, the classy, the beautiful…. Diane Lane!!!

diane 1


I think I developed my crush on her when Unfaithful came out.. did you see that movie???? Totally hot.  That first sex scene between her and the sexy younger Frenchman Paul.. her body shaking with pure, raw desire.. Yup.. pretty sure that’s when it happened.

so freakin hot

so freakin hot



She followed that up with Under the Tuscan Sun and I just fell in love…  She is quirky and funny and so super sexy… I hadn’t realized it but I had seen her in so many other movies before then.. she was even in the Outsiders… yeah.. she was..

diane 2

So for this month.. when the weather starts to turn cooler.. I’m going to let Diane heat you up.. enjoy!



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