Elysium Review

Elysium poster

Elysium poster (Photo credit: audiovisualjunkie)


So last night my husband and I went and saw Elysium.  First off.. I will start with it is a good movie, well good story line, but I have a few issue’s with it.  First off, you have to read a lot (and no I have no issue with reading but sometimes your just not in the mood to read while trying to relax and watch a movie), and secondly.. why does every movie about the future portray the future as a desolate waste land?  Why can’t it portray a world where we cure sickness and disease for everyone, not just the rich.  A place where there is adequate food and water for all, showers…tooth paste.. dental care?

Okay, so now onto this particular movie.  First off, I love Matt Damon, (he sealed his place with me in “We bought a Zoo“).  His performance in this movie is right on queue like always.  He is convincing and pulls you into his character.  You feel sorry for him and start to root for him to make it.. to pull off the impossible.  Your heart kind of hurts for him, despite what he did as a child and young adult… not gonna give away anymore then that!

Now, Jodie Fosters character.  I will say that Jodie plays a villainous spot on!  She’s super convincing as a heartless uncaring bitch with the desire to only protect the wealthiest and elite.  My problem with her in this particular role is the same problem I have with a couple of others in it.  Her accent.  What the hell???  It made no sense to me at all.  I just kept thinking.. “What the hell?”… truly.. it was all I could think.  Is that how Hollywood wanted to portray how the elite speaks in the future?  I can’t even come up with a cross between what it sounded like.  It’s not one regional dialect, it’s just.. odd.

Now onto Sharlto Copley.  He plays Kruger in the movie and you may remember him from the A Team, he played Murdock.  His voice annoyed the hell out of me in that movie but OH DEAR GOD… he talks like he is on helium with marbles in his mouth!  Some times I sat there thinking.. what the hell did he just say, where’s the pause and rewind button so I can back this up and listen again.  I thought of a Koala bear talking in a cartoon when he talked.

Next would be Wagner Moura.  All I’m going to say about him is.. I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND A FREAKING WORD HE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m going to have to buy this movie so I can watch it at home and pause it, rewind it and listen to it again and again and again to figure out what the hell he said.  Seriously.. not a freaking word he said made sense to me.

Now onto the movie itself.  It’s set in the future.  The Earth becomes over populated and diseased.  The rich escape Earth and go to live in a paradise in space, called Elysium.  It’s perfection.  They have a medical machine that cures all and any medical issues, broken bones, diseases ect ect.  Matt’s character Max promises his childhood friend Frey (a female played by the beautiful Alice Braga whom you may remember from I Am Legend)  that he will get her up there one day, that he will get both of them up there one day.  Fast forward 10 years or so and you find out that Max hasn’t been the best person but given the world in which it is set you realize he did what he had to do to survive.  On his way to work one day he gets harassed by the robot police that break his arm. He goes to the hospital where he reunites with Frey, his long lost childhood love.  Then never do explain why they separated, so don’t expect to find out why.  Well after they have their reunion he sets off to his job in a factory where he is considered lower then the low, and because so he gets put in a situation that ends up in a death sentence for him, setting the time line.  He has five days to get to Elysium to get in one of the beds to be healed.  So it starts.. he goes back to his old ways, he hooks up with the “bad guys” of Earth, meanwhile Jodie Fosters character up in Elysium has a plan of her own, to change everything on their habitat.  The two worlds clash together because of the “owner” of the factory that Max works at, he is on Earth during the day and flies to Elysium every day after work.  Jodie enlists his help to over throw the government and at the same time Max and his group set their sites on him to steal his information to go after Elysium themselves.  It’s followed by lots of action shots, blow ups, fights ect ect.  One thing I really liked about this movie is it wasn’t one of those 3 hour movies.  It was just the right length.  1 hour 49 minutes.  I won’t let you know how it ends.. but I will say it’s a bitter sweet ending.


ON a side note.  I sat beside this little blonde teenager who just pissed me the hell off.  She weighed maybe 110 lbs.. she’s have to be soaking wet to weigh that much but good lord, when she plopped herself down in that seat she shook the whole row!  Then we get to the phone issue!  This little moron never took her eye’s off that damn phone.  She texted at least 10 different people throughout the entire movie.  I swear.. she never looked up at the screen.  Why would you pay $12 for a movie you don’t even watch?  Well because obviously mommy and daddy  have lots of money and this imbecile has no concept of how hard it is to a) make money and b) just give it away to your spoiled ass child who spends it freely with no care!  Now, besides that issue… lets discuss how rude it is to be on your lit up cell phone in a movie.  The light blinded me throughout the entire movie.  I literally kept putting my hand up to block the light from eyes.  After an hour I started holding my hand up closer and closer to her face!!!  She finally turned her body away from me but that didn’t stop her from her non stop texting!  How very annoying!!!!  I truly wanted to just lecture her on her rudeness and inform her how the entire world is slipping by her because she simply can’t disconnect from the wired world.  I know, it’s ironic that I am discussing this while myself being connected to World Wide Web.. but guess what.. I have a life.  I have a husband, kids, a job.  I am not connected 24/7 which I’m guessing this poor child is.  I fight this with my own children and pray that one day I will get through to them.. but I feel it’s a losing battle.


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