Her Shackles

The day was like all the others, up early and off to work.  She struggled to keep her mind on her duties, the window at her desk beckoning her to gaze out at all the people passing by and wondering what they were doing with their day.  Were they heading to or from work?  Maybe going to visit a friend, a lover, a family member in need of care.  The possibilities were limitless with each passing soul.  She rested her head on her hands, sighing as she repressed the feeling of wanting to run out into the sun freeing herself from her daily shackles when one soul caught her attention.  At first she thought she was only seeing glimpses of her past to which she hung on so closely in her heart, but there it was again.  Those eyes, those blue blue eyes that haunt her dreams looking in the very window she was desperately wanting to get out of.   Her first thought was it was impossible, she must be dreaming.  She wiped her eye’s, blinked a few times and looked again.  He was still there.  Her heart stopped for a moment in time, her worries and concerns all faded away with the tears that started down her face.  He smiled and she lifted herself from her chair scared to take her eye’s off him but desperately wanting to run to him.  Her feet took over where her brain stopped and she fled the chains, fled the incarceration of the cubical, fled to his waiting comforting arms..

Their embrace was magical, it stopped time and space and they were the only two alive.  All those other souls that were just moments ago occupying her every thought now no longer existed.  It was only him with her.  Her hands holding onto him, grasping at his flesh hoping to concrete that he was truly there.  His eye’s locked onto hers, not a word spoken.  His lips making their way to hers, how she wanted this.  Longed for it.  Missed his kiss, his touch, him.  The kiss should have ignited a long lost passion, it should have melted the iciness that had enveloped her heart.  The moment his lips touched hers he, like the daydream were gone.  She sat at her desk, a tear straining the edges threatening to overflow.  Her shackles still in place, on her heart.




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