What is banned from your bedroom?

So I came across a story about what Daniel Craig Bans from his bedroom.  At first your thinking, hmmm some kind of kinky thing maybe? Okay, maybe that’s just me.  Alas, no it wasn’t anything juicy (we all love a good load of dirty celeb laundry).. it’s “There’s nothing technological allowed in the bedroom,”  Wow.  No technological devices, unless your watching porn, his words not mine.



Well now of course you know that I have to ask you, dear readers… what is it that you ban from your bedroom?  I mean, that is the place we spend the majority of our time on Earth, at least for most of us.  Not my husband who never sleeps, well at least not in the bed, the couch seems to work great for him though.  Do you ban electronics?  Do you ban something kinky?  I have a friend who once banned sex from the bedroom for a month.  She wanted to keep her sex life exciting with her man so she instituted NO BED SEX month, they could only have sex in the other rooms of the house.  Which is exciting, especially if you have kids!

For me, the only thing I’ve banned from my bedroom is pretty much nothing.  I’ll eat in my bed, I have my water on my bedside table, my cell phone has an alarm on it just in case my alarm doesn’t go off so I got technology in there, plus I play on the laptop when I’m lounging in bed.  Hmmm.. Maybe I should ban everyone else from my bedroom and make it my haven, my getaway, my “If I’m in here I’m trying to escape from reality so leave me alone”…. yeah.. I could handle that!



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