In today’s world it’s truly hard to find businesses that have truly great customer service.  All you ever hear about is how bad it is out there.  Take Walmart for example.  When was the last time you heard something good about them? So when I come across a place that has really outstanding customer service I try to share it with my friends, and this company is simply AMAZING!  The website is called https://www.zulily.com and I am so totally addicted them.  They offer some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and right now they are pushing the Halloween stuff and lets just say Halloween is my favorite holiday!

The only really bad thing I can say about this company is sometimes it takes quite a while to get what you purchased, but that is only because they order it from somewhere else and have it shipped to their company first before sending it on to the buyer.  This way they can check and make sure it’s the right item and it’s in perfect condition.

I’ve had to contact them on 2 occasions so far.  The first time was when I ordered a red oil bottle for my kitchen.  When the product finally made it to my house it was broken. 😦  Well I emailed them and within 3 minutes they replied asking me to send them a picture of the broken product and the packaging.  I did so and within 20 minutes of the first email they had emailed me back saying to just throw the broken away and because they still the item in stock they would put another one in the mail for me the next day.  Now I know your probably thinking, what if they don’t have it in stock, then what Shanny?  Well.. let me tell you, you get a store credit added to your account immediately.  My next occasion was when I ordered a pair of super cute high top tennis shoe‘s for my daughter.  Well little did I know when I ordered them that her foot grew 2 1/2 sizes over this summer so sadly they did not fit.  So I emailed them again fully expecting to have to pay for shipping and handling to return them and hopefully be able to have them exchanged for the same thing.  Sadly though the company was out of stock on them BUT.. get this.. they told me to keep the shoe’s and if I didn’t have a family member who could use them to donate them to a worthy cause and credited my account for the full amount of the shoes!!!!  HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THAT????

So, if you like to shop online.. send me your email address and I’ll send you a request for them.  Now, you don’t have too but they have a reward program and if you accept my request then purchase something I get a $20 store credit!!  it’s a win win situation, you get a request to a great site, I get a store credit AND you can then start inviting your friends who when they buy you’ll get the credit.  See.. Win Win!




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