Navy Yard Shootings Happening Now in DC

At 8:20 am this morning a shooter made his/her way onto the Bowling AF Base on the Navy Yard side and opened fire.  So far the numbers show at least 12 shot, 4 dead.  The base and surrounding area’s are on lock down.  Reports are coming in now that there are possibly multiple shooters and more shots have been fired.  Helicopters have been air lifting victims off of rooftops, buses have been brought onto the base under heavy security to try to get the people who are stuck there out.

As sad as this is imagine how some of the people there are feeling right now.  They have mentioned that there are several people who work there that were stationed at the Pentagon on 9/11.  I’m sure it took years for them to feel some sort of security and safety again in their lives only to have it ripped away from them again.

Prayers are sent to them and their families, to the injured and the one’s who are still searching for the shooters.


At this moment, this is not an argument about stricter gun laws.. it’s about human lives at risk who need the positive thoughts and prayers from a nation that is so torn apart right now that this is becoming common place.  My family has gone to that base on several occasions, and currently know people who work there.  I pray for their safety this morning.



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