Co-Worker From Hell

Have you ever had a co-worker that just truly got under your skin?  I mean so much so that the very sight of them sent urges down your spine to want to literally pick up something and throw at their heads?  And God forbid they actually open their mouths!  When that happens you suddenly picture yourself throwing a chair at them, knocking them down and then duct taping  their mouth so they can never speak again, duct taping their body to said chair so they can never walk around the office again.. then possibly locking them in a closet in hopes that no one will ever find them because you know that no one will even ask where they went because everyone else thinks of them the same way you do and by asking about them it could jinx their good fortune of that person being gone?  Well, have you?  C’mon now, I can’t be the only person whose ever thought these things about a co-worker!




This woman started in our sales department last week.  Her first day she referred to me as the “receptionist” to which I responded, “Um.. no ma’am.  No where by my name will you find the word receptionist.  You will however find the title Office Manager with it”.   It was from then on she’s done everything she can to get on my nerves.  I guess she doesn’t like the fact that I am the manager and she is just a sales rep.  Oh well, that’s just too bad chicky.. I’ve been here 2 1/2 years, you’ve been here 7 days.  Get over yourself.

Today she asked me if my boss Ralph (name has been changed to protect myself) would get angry if I did something.  Ralph is not my boss, Ralph is her boss.  My boss is Todd.  I told her “First off, Ralph doesn’t get mad at me for anything I do, he knows how much work I do.  Secondly Ralph isn’t my boss, Todd is”… I got an “Oh, so Ralph can’t tell you what to do”.. I said.. “Nope, he can’t.  I only answer to Todd and he’s the owner”.   That kinda got under her skin.  I guess she thought she could tell her boss to tell me to do something and now she knows he can’t!  And again, get over yourself.

Well, as much as I would like to duct tape her loud obnoxious mouth I’m going to let her hang herself.  You see the owner of this company doesn’t like being “challenged” on the way he does business.  He also doesn’t like for the women who work for him to challenge him on anything!!!  This woman has a million ideas already of how he could do things better.  So I told her.. “You should really let Todd know all your ideas the minute he walks in the door.. he loves take charge women”!  Yes.. I am this evil.  I keep trying to tell people this but they don’t listen to me.


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