The Pussification of our Youth!

WHAT THE HELL??!!!??!!!.. People wonder what is wrong with America nowadays.. well I can tell you.  We’ve suffered an onslaught of pussification over the last 3 decades, that’s what!  This latest rule coming out of California is just taking the cake to me!  It is now going to be that if this little league football teams beat their opponents by more then 35 points the team is fined $200 and the coaches are suspended for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT, WHAT??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???/  Here, check it out for yourself.



We have become so SCARED to death of hurting anyone’s feelings that we’ve raised a bunch of brats who expect everything for nothing!  It needs to stop.  I was a fat kid, I did not play sports.  I tried, I even tried out for cheer-leading in Jr. High, and guess what.. I didn’t make it!  *GASP*.. shocking I know.. a fat kid not making a team…and what’s even more shocking is… wait for it.. I SURVIVED!!!!!  It’s only shocking because everyone makes the damn teams now!!!  We give EVERY single kid on teams a trophy, even if they lost every game.  WHY? So their feelings don’t get hurt.. well guess what.. their feelings need to be hurt.  They’ll live, I did, everyone who was raised before we decided we needed to coddle everyone all survived without getting loser trophies.  It taught us to try harder if we really wanted something, to actually WORK FOR IT.. OMG.. how can anyone think like that.. I know, it’s a foreign concept.

Now before you go getting all riled up, I’m not saying being mean to the kids who lose, or who aren’t chosen for the team.. don’t yell at them.. “YOUR A LOSER, YOU’LL ALWAYS BE A LOSER”.. no.. not that.  This where you actually have to be a parent!  Not a friend, not blame everyone else for what your child is lacking at the moment person.. a parent.  You need to help your child understand that if they truly want this, to use this disappointment as fuel to practice and become better.  To work for their goals, and actually help them work at it!  Show them that if they hit a bump in the road, they will LIVE THROUGH IT.. that it’s not the end of the world if they didn’t make the team this year.  My daughter is a high red belt in her Tae Kwon Do class.  I’ve already told her instructors that I do not want her to be given a black belt if she doesn’t deserve it.  I’ve told them to make her work for every belt she’s gotten.  I’m paying a fortune for her to be able to defend herself if need be and guess what.. the one time she was being bullied she froze up and didn’t use it!!!!  I went right to her instructors and told them what happened and they’ve worked with her on it.  They’ve even told her if it happens again they will use their high black belts to kick her booty!!! (no they really won’t but she got the point)!  She didn’t just die because she got in trouble for not doing her best.  She’s used that to prove herself to her instructors and I give them a big ol slap on the back for approval of how they handled it.  I didn’t put my daughter down for freezing, I talked to her.  I sat her down and explained that she is capable of protecting herself and that she needed to find the self confidence to do so.  She learned from the whole experience, she wasn’t handed anything on a platter for failing the first time.

I will tell you all this, if my children were in football in this community, I would pull them out with a quickness.  This does not teach our children anything other then, do the bare minimum and we’ll hand you everything on a platter!!!  AMERICA WAKE UP AND STOP RAISING WUSSES!!!

And for those of you who think that this way of thinking is what is truly best for the kids.. tell me, how many of these kids are committing suicide and mass shootings now compared to oh, 40 years ago or so?  It seems to me that crime is up more and more from kids who grow up to be adults and aren’t capable of figuring out how to make it because as soon as they graduate nothing is just handed to them anymore.

My favorite saying is “I’m not a bakery, I won’t sugar coat anything” and I guess this rant shows you that.

This has been my rant..


6 thoughts on “The Pussification of our Youth!

  1. Great rant. I think the worst thing about this is that it sublimely teaches kids there’s no accountability or ramifications for their actions, which is the worst problem today. Show up and don’t even try, get a trophy. If the other guy is bigger and better than you, they’ll have to stop winning. So might as well be impulsive and rash, because whatever you do, someone will be there to pat you on the head and say it’s okay. So then when they enter into a situation where their actions could impact other people, especially in a negative manner, they have that ‘well, no matter what, I can’t lose’ mentality.

    • Thank you. I completely agree. It’s hurting our youth and those parents that think this is the best way to teach them are so very wrong. I will not let my kids get any “token” trophies or grades. I’ve made it clear to their teaches, their coaches… they have to work for it. And they do. My 10 year old is a high red belt. She goes to class 5 days a week. She knows that if she is not at the top of her game, they will not pass her.

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