What can’t you give up?

There’s a new article out that list the top 5 things that people refuse to give up despite their money situations.



Here’s the top 7 things people surveyed said they would not give up and would always find the money for.

Most Valued Expenses
Nearly half of workers (49 percent) have cut back on leisure activities and more than a third stopped eating out (36 percent) or drove less (34 percent) to help balance budgets in the last year. But despite attempts to save more and spend less, there are several expenses that some workers say they will not give up regardless of financial concerns:

  • Internet connection: 55 percent
  • Driving: 40 percent
  • Pet: 36 percent
  • Smart phone: 29 percent
  • Cable: 24 percent
  • Travel: 10 percent
  • Going out to eat: 9 percent

So this got me to thinking, what is it that I will not give up regardless of how freaking broke we are.

1) My cell phone.  Now this is because I have a special needs child and I have to be able to be gotten a hold of by the school should anything go wrong PLUS when he gets home from school I need to know he can call me if he needs me.  Plus I’m addicted to texting.. SHOUT OUT TO MY TEXTING BUDDIES!

Foreign companies' cell phones, such as Motoro...

Foreign companies’ cell phones, such as Motorola RAZR and its various models (GSM), are popular in China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2) I’ll go along with driving.. I can’t do public transportation!  No, I don’t think I’m too good for it.  I’m claustrophobic AND a germ-a-phobe.  Those trains and buses are cesspools of filth and germs and really disgusting stuff!  I shiver just thinking about some of the things I’ve seen on the Metro.

3) Coffee.  Ummm no.. I will not go without it!  I must have my coffee and my creamers!  This is not for me, it is for your safety!  Trust me on this.

4) Getting my hair colored!  I refuse to go grey.  I’m going to fight it every step of the way, and if that means I can’t afford to get it done I will buy the cheap at home box of it and go around with purple red hair if I have too.


5) Chick Fil A‘s lemonade.  Nuff said

6) Internet.  I have no life, can’t afford one.. so this is the only way I get to mingle with friends and keep in touch with family.

7) Make up.. again this goes with the not aging gracefully thing!

make up



So what would you not live without!


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