My Crush of the Month for October

So I’ve been thinking for a few weeks now who I could pick for this month that would do the month of Horror honor.  I thought about going on talent, not looks for this month.  I thought maybe Vincent Price, I mean after all.. have you seen his movies? Or maybe Alfred Hitchcock.  His movies are amazing, and frankly after learning more and more about this man he was seriously disturbed in the head!  The more I thought about those I thought.. blah.. **shivers**.. a crush means your looking at them and thinking…wow he/she is hot.  And neither of those men are.  So.. I thought some more.. then it hit me.  This person actually got his start in horror movies!  I’m going way back here.. all the way to 1984… I remember seeing this when it came out (I was under 18 so I’m not quite that old)… This movie freaked me out!!!!!  Who am I talking about here… have you figured it out yet?

Okay.. it’s

Johnny Depp 2


Awwww Yeah Baby!!!  This timeless actor got his debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street.  He was the hot guy who lived across the street and he died when Fred Krueger came up through the water bed and got him.. blood spewing every where.  I had a waterbed at that time and I tell you.. I swear that first night I slept on it after that movie it had someone in it waiting to get me.. I could feel them in it.  The bed wasn’t fluid in movement anymore, SOMETHING WAS IN IT!!!

Johnny may be best known now for those stupid pirate movies (yeah I said stupid… I hate those movies) but he has done several very good scary movies.. Dead Man in 1995, The Ninth Gate in 1999, The Astronauts Wife (with the delish Charlize Theron) in 1999, Sleepy Hollow in 1999, From Hell in 2001, Sweeny Todd in 2007… just to name a few!

So for the month of spooks and ghouls.. Johnny wins this months coveted title of my Crush of the Month!


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