Save the TaTa’s!



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  EVERY person should know what to look for and how to do self breast exams, including men!  I get my girls smooshed every year, I have too.  I have lumps and they are constantly changing.  So far however they’ve all been just that.. lumps.  Nothing to worry about, Thank God.  The first time we discovered a lump the thoughts that come into your head are just overwhelming.  The fear grips you and you look at your children and suddenly.. there is nothing more important then finding out the results to the test.  The test itself is painful and a pain in the ass but it’s not so much so that you’ll die from it.  You could however die from not having it!  After my first one they took me into another room where the radiologist sat me and down and talked to me about what they found.  Because they had detected the lump I had what they call a Diagnostic Mammogram.  This where they know there is something and they are looking specifically at that spot along with the rest of the area.  If you have no lumps they will just do a regular Mammogram and you will receive your results in a few days.  With the Diagnostic one, you get the results immediately.  The radiologist smiled and me and said “Mrs Nelson.. I’m happy to inform you that what you have is a happy lumpy boobies”.  Suddenly everything in life was perfect!  She informed me that some people just naturally have lumpy tissue, BUT because they (me) do we have to have the diagnostic mammogram every year for the rest of our lives.  It’s very easy for these lumps to turn into cancer and early detection is the best possible thing to fight any cancer.  I had mine at the beginning of this year so I’m good until next year but if anything new pops up I am supposed to contact my PC immediately and schedule a check up.  In the meantime I make sure to do my self exam every month.  So do yourself a favor and do the same thing, it only takes a few minutes.  If you find a lump call your doctor right away.  Nobody should be dying from this treatable disease anymore.


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