Drive in Sex Boxes

Ummm.. wow.. yeah.. So Switzerland has put in the very first sex boxes to help curb street side prostitution.



Apparently prostitution is a $3.8 billion dollar industry and it’s legal there.  Maybe America should take notes, they could tax it and help get our Government back to work so they would be able to pay the people that actually do work (unlike them)!


Now for me.. this is just absolutely DISGUSTING!  Not the prostitution thing, if that’s what ya wanna do, hey go for it.  I like sex, no I love sex.. but I don’t wanna have sex on the ground outside for everyone to see/hear where others have had sex too.  That’s right up there with those seedy hotels that you really don’t want to see the black light in there.  If you don’t believe me about this, here read the article for yourself.



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