Things that make you go hmmmmmm…

So I was just thinking of some things today while my mind was kinda off in la la land and I thought of some questions…

First off, I decided to make some snickerdoodle cookies.  It’s an easy recipe and the dough is chillin in the fridge as we speak.. but that got me to thinking.. Why are they called Snickerdoodles?  There are no snickers in them and you don’t doodle on them.. so where did that name come from?  Its seriously misleading!  We should sue.

The next is hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.. Whose sick joke was it to make the fear of long words one of the longest words in the English language?  Talk about needing more therapy!

Why do business call their bathrooms Restrooms?  Do people go in them to rest?  I’m pretty sure they don’t.  I mean when I have to use a public toilet… I try to be as fast as possible so that I don’t touch more then necessary.. I’m a ninja in there!



So these are just a few things that rattled through my head today…



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