Sex stops at 40?

So on Monday Miley Cyrus told Matt Lauer that sex stops at 40.  This was in response to him asking her how long this  “This sexual side of you that we’re seeing a lot of right now, something that’s going to be here a while, then you move on to something else?”  Her response was ““Well, I heard that when you turn 40, things start to go a little less sexual.”  Now I understand that what she is doing right now is transforming herself from the child Disney star into a Powerhouse Pop Star… and she’s accomplishing it.  She has said that everything she is doing right now is completely thought out and planned, that she is not spiraling out of control.  She’s managed to make herself so news worthy that we can’t go one day without hearing about something she’s done or said or seeing some new picture of her in some stupid tongue out pose.  I mean look at me.. I’m blogging about her.  I wasn’t going to but I had to when she said this.  I will take in to account that she’s young and dumb.. and she’s trying to “shock” us with what she’s saying and doing.. but come on.. does she really believe that sex stops at 40?  I knew at 20 that it didn’t.. hell I was sleeping with a 42 year old at the time!



Now I’ll admit.. it’s harder going for a marathon romp and frankly it’s harder to recoup if it’s really rambunctious..I myself am now in my 40’s and even though I’ve always been very sexual, I will say that over the last couple of years my libido has sky rocketed.   After reading Suzanne Somers response to what she said.. I can only say that I hope I am like her when I am her age.,,20743414,00.html



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