Who Needs Talent?

Well… there used to be a time in our American History where if you wanted to be in the movies, you wanted to Rich & Famous you had to have something others didn’t….Talent!  You had to prove yourself, show them that you could bring in the $$$ for the people making the movies.  If you couldn’t, you didn’t make it.  That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.  Now it’s not how talented you are, it’s who your mama and daddy, brother or sister is.  Or even worse, it’s how much you can pimp your body out, showing the public that you can have sex with any and everyone giving them hope that one day they may possibly run into you in a club while your high as a kite and have sex with you in the alley.  Lets look at some examples, shall we?


Paris Hilton!  Here is a woman was born into a family that had it all, and that was thanks to one man, her grandfather.  Now I don’t know if it is true but it is rumored that her grandfather gave away the majority of his fortune because he was so embarrassed by her behavior.  This woman has no talent, okay she may suck a good ____ but damn.. anyone can do that if they try.  She’s tried acting in movies and her stupid reality TV shows, she’s tried singing (please.. someone tell her she can’t sing already).. the fact is she is only famous because of her last name and she has a good body that she is more then happy to show off.

Next would be the Smiths!  Now don’t get me wrong.. I love me some Will Smith.  He’s a great actor who has proven he can be funny, heroic, serious, romantic.. He can do it all, sing and dance too.. he’s a triple threat.  But lets be honest here.  Would his kids have landed these major roles and record deals if no one had ever heard of Will Smith before?  I really don’t think so.  They might have broke through at some point but I don’t think they would have had major acting/singing roles right out of the starting gate.  They would have had to pay their due’s with bit parts, back up vocals and what not before making it big.  I know some of you won’t agree with me on this but Willow.. can’t sing.  Trey is proving he can act, but.. BUT… he still has a ways to go.

How about Tori Spelling?  Don’t get me wrong here.. I LOVE Tori.. Love her!  She seems to be an amazing mom, very artsy and crafty.  She seems to have the kind of marriage I wish I had (no offense baby but we aren’t quite where either of us wants to be).. she is making a name for herself with her arts and crafts and being a mom.  I say kudo’s for her for doing so.. but as for acting, who here thinks she would have ever made it in acting if her daddy hadn’t been Aaron Spelling?  Some how I think Donna Martin would have been given to some other run of the mill bleached out blonde starlet.

This list could go on forever but I’m going to end it with one last group of people who have NO TALENT.. nothing other then famous parents, good bodies (if big asses is what you like) and sex tapes



I hate these idiots.  I don’t get the fascination of them at all.  I don’t understand how a mother can prostitute her own daughters out to make them famous.  Yeah, I could use their money but damn.. I’d rather be poor then be the type of parent they have.  They can’t act, they can’t sing.. they can’t do anything but look pretty and open their legs!!!!


I truly hope that Hollywood will open their eyes up and start finding real talent soon.


3 thoughts on “Who Needs Talent?

  1. I agree, though I did like Paris in the House of Wax remake and in her homemade porn she made. The Kardashians I have no idea why they are famous, if they were models, I can see but other than that I don’t know. They got a reality tv show just like everyone else, look at honey boo boo. I will say you commented on their butts, there is nothing wrong with a little cushion for the pushin’

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