Office Food Etiquette: Top 5 things to NEVER make at work

Yes.. it’s almost that time again.. MONDAY!  Bah humbug.. so in honor of having to get back to the grind tomorrow I thought I would post a list of food that should be banned from ever being brought into an office.


5) Boiled Eggs!  I am guilty of this myself because frankly I live off of eggs.  I have to eat 70 grams of protein every day (which most days I’m at about 50 ish).. and eggs are a great source of protein… but man do they stink!

Deutsch: Ei in Eierbecher

Deutsch: Ei in Eierbecher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4) Cabbage/ Sauerkraut.  Have you ever smelled either of these things cooking?  My mom used to make Sauerkraut with pork every New Years Day for good luck through the year… I of course would be no where near my home on January 1st.. ever!!!  The only thing worst then the smell of this stuff cooking is.. having to smell it at work!  NO.. don’t do it!

3) Popcorn.  Now Shannon, why on Earth would you put popcorn on this list?  It doesn’t stink.. and it’s so yummy.. You are correct on both points however.. if you a) burn it.. OMG.. that’s a smell that doesn’t go away.. and b) If you do cook it correctly.. EVERY BODY IN THE OFFICE WILL NOW WANT POPCORN AND WILL EITHER PESTER YOU FOR IT OR MAKE THEIR OWN RISKING THEM TO EITHER BURN IT OR MAKE IT PERFECTLY MAKING MORE PEOPLE WANT IT.. it’s a vicious cycle.


Popcorn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2) My husband recently discovered that an office no no is Liver.  He loves liver, he could eat it all the time.  When he heated it up at work for his lunch his co-workers asked him to never ever again have liver for lunch.  I do believe they even wanted to make up a memorandum to hand out letting everyone know that they could not heat up liver ever again in the office.  Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he never ever again made liver here at home.  That crap stinks!



And finally… the number 1 thing you should never ever heat up and eat at work is… really a no brainer..

1) FISH ANYTHING!  Tuna smells bad enough, especially if it has eggs in it.. but at least cold it’s not as bad and doesn’t take over the entire office…But those people who INSIST on heating up last nights flounder, salmon, tuna casserole.. these people should be fired on the spot!  Fish is best left at the restaurants or at home.  Can I get an AMEN!






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