Un-Happy Endings…



So my husband makes fun of me because I’m evil.  I get sick of watching those stupid movies where the good guy wins and everybody lives happily ever after… fact is.. that doesn’t happen in the real world and I’m kinda sick to death of Hollywood getting our hopes up about it… no I’m not a pessimist contrary to what my husband says.. I’m a realist.  So when I come across a movie that has a not so happy ending.. yeah.. I’m all about that shit right there!  So here’s a small list (groan.. another list Shan?)  yes another list.. oh shut up, you know you love lists…so, back to what I was saying.. a small list of the top10 unhappy ending movies that I loved!  Don’t worry.. I’m not going to give away the endings.. just know that good doesn’t prevail..

10) The Apparition



9) Philadelphia.

I know your thinking.. c’mon Shan.. he won the case, he won millions and changed the way the law worked against discrimination.. yeah but he died!  Okay.. Now if you’ve never seen this movie and I just gave away the ending to you.. your wayyyyy behind the times.  That movie came out 20 yrs ago!

8) The Fly



7) The Butterfly Effect

6) Seven

5) The Mist


4) Chernobyl Diaries

3) The Crazies

2) A Nightmare on Elm Street… think about the ending.. remember…


and my number one is

1) MAMA.. mama



So.. if you’ve had it with the “And they lived happily ever after” crap.. watch one of these movies… They will restore your faith in your realism!


4 thoughts on “Un-Happy Endings…

  1. There are some movies where the unhappy endings work. I don’t mind unhappy endings but being a realist doesn’t mean life is always an unhappy ending.

    • No.. being a realist means you know that your prince charming isn’t going to ride in on a white steed and carry you away.. it means you know your prince charming will roll up in a used car that breaks down a lot.. take you to the best place he can afford then spend your lives working to barely make it..

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