This Sums Up What is Wrong With Today’s World


This woman is the EXACT example of what is wrong with America‘s system.  It’s not working and it’s time the Government realizes this and make the changes that need changed.. Not crap that helps line their pockets and screw the American people.  There is NO ONE responsible for her kids except her!  She opened her legs many many many times.. she’s the one who popped them babies out knowing with each one it becomes more and more expensive.  Why the hell should we taxpayers pay for her damn kids?  I have my OWN kids to pay for.. and I work hard to do so.  Before I married my current husband I worked 4 jobs.. YES FOUR JOBS to support my babies.  My ex refused to pay a dime in child support so I did what I had to.. I worked.  Did I receive assistance?  Yes I got food stamps and the state insurance for the kids but that was because even working 4 different jobs (1 of which was a full time 40 hour a week job) I could barely make ends meet and the food stamps helped take the burden off by letting me use the grocery money on bills.  I have a special needs child who needed $500 worth of medication every month that the state insurance didn’t cover.. so I paid out of pocket and made damn sure he had them every month, meanwhile going without my own medications.  That’s what a real parent does.  I am a firm believer that if We the People have to take a drug test to get a job.. then the freeloaders should have to take one to get food stamps.  The people who really need it, the one’s who are trying but just need a little help.. yeah I don’t think they would mind peeing in a cup on occasion for that help.  The one’s who have the issue with doing that are the one’s who most likely wouldn’t pass the drug test.

I’m not heartless.  I’m not mean.  I don’t think any child should have to go without.  But I do believe that the parents (especially this dumb witch) should be forced to get a job.  Take some kind of training.  Make her prove that she is trying to better herself for her kids then help her.  Do NOT let her go years with “I called 3 places this week but they weren’t hiring” and that’s all.  Yeah I know how the system works.  Supply her with daycare for the kids, put her ass in a training program.  Give her a deadline for whatever she chooses.   Say nursing.  Okay, you  have 3 years of services from us, in that time we will help with groceries and rent/utilities and daycare, you must attend classes (with out missing), obtain your degree and get a job, if not at the end of the 3 yrs the children become wards of the state, you get a mandatory tubal ligation and sent on your way!  I think that would stop this non-sense with a quickness.


2 thoughts on “This Sums Up What is Wrong With Today’s World

  1. I agree, there are a couple states that have made drug testing mandatory to receive state and federal assistance. Hopefully the rest of the states will get on board and do the same.

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