An Interview with My Husband

So a week or so ago my husband sent me a list of questions to answer for an interview blog with me.  I am kinda mentally blocked so I figured I’d steal his idea and interview him… Plus I’m gonna throw out there.. if anyone would like to guest blog on my page.. feel free to contact me.. no holds barred.. blog about anything.. You could even blog about how you bought my short story “Lacy’s Journal” that is on sale now on for just $2.99 and how your can’t wait for the novel!!!!  Just sayin..

Also.. if you’d like to ask me any questions.. type them up and I’ll post the blog with my answers.. 🙂

Now..  his answers are in Light Blue.. My reply will be in light Green

1.  What is your MOST favorite food.. that you could eat all day every day and never get tired of?
Chocolate Ice cream
I would agree with this
2.  What the one regret you can’t work through?
Dating the whore after I left my ex is my biggest regret.
That’s your biggest regret???? Seriously???  Wow..
3.  Your biggest fear (excluding anything happening to your kids or me)
Being chased by hundreds of wasps
Why?  You’ve already been chased by a swarm of them.. you’ve lived through it and survived.
4.  Do you honestly believe that the Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen in our lifetime?
  I honestly don’t know.  I do believe that it can happen at anytime but if it will I don’t know.
I really expected you to say yes on this one.
5. You go out for a “guys” night out.. you get totally shit faced.. you wake up somewhere.. (car/hotel/alleyway) with some chick and your both naked/half naked and you have no memory of what happened.  Do you tell me?  If so, right away or do you sit on it for a few days and mull it over?
I tell you right away.  My conscience won’t let me do anything else.  If you love me, you’ll know that chances are she slipped me a roofie in my drink and date raped me.
Ummm.. yeaaaaahhhhhhh.. first I don’t think you would tell me right away.. 6  years remember???  and secondly.. I wouldn’t believe that for a minute!  Too many stories of how you’ve blacked out in your past.. sorry.
6.  Why do you think double standards are acceptable when it comes to you?
Because I am Rob.
You know how much this totally and completely pisses me off.. but yet you still do it.. just remember my dear husband… turn about is fair play. 
7.  You got $10,000 today tax free for whatever reason.. first thing you do with it?
Put $7K in savings and $3K in checking
I believe that.. the second thing you would do is go by ABC, then Target.. then probably Walmart.
8. You MOST favorite movie.. the one you can watch every time you catch it on TV.. only 1!
 There are too many.  It’s A Wonderful Life 
I don’t believe this one… yes you love the movie.. but you haven’t seen it in almost 2 yrs (no you didn’t watch it last year).. you have other movies you watch over and over again.
9. The one thing about me you wish you could change.
 I wish I could reduce how much you worry about everything.
Maybe if you stop giving me so much to worry about.
10.  If you could do it all over again.. knowing EVERYTHING you know now.. would you still have married me when you did?
Yes I absolutely would marry you.

2 thoughts on “An Interview with My Husband

  1. Okay I have a few replies to your replies.
    2. Yes it is. Just what do you think my biggest regret should be?
    3. There is a big difference between a “swarm” and “hundreds” of wasps. There weren’t hundreds in the swarm that viciously attacked and stung me instilling my fear of bees and wasps into me to this day.
    5. That 6 years is a totally different subject and I was not with you at the time that it happened. Secondly you have no reason not to believe it. You shouldn’t judge me based on something that happened years ago in my past.
    6. You asked why it was okay. I never actually said that I have double standards.
    7. ABC, Target, and Walmart all come out of the $3K
    8. I didn’t have the opportunity last year because I was working so much.
    9. That’s a matter of opinion on wether I’m doing that or not.

    • 2. Not talking to me in High School.. and I can think of a few others that I can’t say on here.
      3. Yes there is a big difference.. but hey.. I understand.. I couldn’t handle having a swarm of roaches on me
      5. No we weren’t together when that took place.. BUT we were together when you straight face lied about it. Secondly I do have justified reason to believe it. and I’m not judging you for what happened.. only for choosing to lie and withhold it for 6 yrs. Could care less what you did then.
      6. You’ve said before that it’s okay to have them because you are Rob.. doesn’t matter how much I disagree with it.
      7. Of course it would.. no sense in saving as much as you can.
      8. You’ve had plenty of time to watch it.. you’ve watched numerous other movies you own.. but not that one.. so it’s not your all time favorite.
      9. Yes.. and my opinion is you are.. and if it’s worrying/stressing me then it’s correct.

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