I love it when the news runs a good story

So yes.. I wrote a blog about how I hate movies w/ happy endings.. but now I’m writing a blog about how I love it when the news reports a “good” story instead of the normal bad news.  I know your thinking I’m nuts.. and your right, I am.. but here’s the difference.. Movies are make believe.. set up to make you buy into their crap and believe that the world is great and good always prevails.. The news however is real (okay.. unless you are watch Faux news on Politics)…and it LOVES to highlight all the bad and negative crap going on in the world.  In fact it sensationalizes it.  So every now and then when I come across a real life hero or someone who turned a negative into a positive I am happy to see it.  This story has a woman named Michelle in it who decided to instead of playing the “victim” role turned it into an empowering freeing event that made many other people feel completely loved and special!  So well done to you Michelle!  Karma has seen your good deed and will reward you.. as for your ex.. well Karma saw what he did too.. and don’t worry, it’ll be sending the other bus for him!



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