Running Away

So the question is.. where do you go when you just want to run away but you can’t even afford to run to the corner store?  When the rich get stressed out and feel like they’ve reached their breaking point they just hop on a plane go wherever they want for a few days.  Even poor people manage to save up for vacations and get to escape their reality for a bit.  What about those that just can’t seem to catch a break?  That every time they get a little money stashed away for something special something else goes wrong, like the freaking car breaks down AGAIN for the 4th time this year or the stupid government decides to stop paying their employees because they are too stupid to figure out how to do their jobs?  Where do those people get to run away too?  For me.. it’s to the past.. into fond memories.. but sometimes even that gets me because I know that I can’t really go back there and the people in those memories are no longer here so its just plain depressing.  So now I sit here, at my end.. my mind is tired, my body is wearing out and I feel like I just want to run away… but can’t.


Where would you run away if you could run anywhere?



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