Where did the excitement go?

When your a child everything is new and exciting.. and scary.  Your first day to school, your first time riding a bike alone, your first time staying over night at a friends house.. it was all new and exciting.  Your first crush.. just the sight of them made you tingle in places you never knew could tingle..that long awaited and dreamed about awkward first kiss..


Even in your young adult hood, everything was still new and exciting and scary.  You stepped out on your own, flew out of your parents nests.  You went to school or moved out into your own place (most likely with a roommate or two) and started working for your own money..You learned how to juggle rent money and party money.  Nothing could stop you, nothing scared you into not doing it.

Now that I’m older I realize that I’m not invincible.. and well, frankly.. things are scaring me more and more and I find that I’m not really truly excited about anything.  Everything is just another thing, like this morning.. another car repair bill.. it’s always just another thing.  I miss the excitement of being excited.  I miss looking forward to things without those pesky back thoughts about how I’m going to pay for those things.  Being an adult is not all it was made out to be and frankly, I don’t want to be one anymore.




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