Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

So I saw a post today on Mozzarella stuffed meatballs and I thought.. hmm.. those look good, but then I thought.. why stop at 1 cheese?

meatballsMy guess is you could do this with any kind of cheese you like.  Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Provolone.. They make this garlic bread cheese that we can get at Wegman’s out there.. omg it would be sooooo good in these.   Anyways’.. here’s the recipe I found..

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

1 lb ground beef
1 lb ground pork or mild Italian sausage
1 cup breadcrumbs
1 TBSP Italian seasoning
3 eggs
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 lb mozzarella, cut into cubes

Olive Oil
Marinara (jar or homemade)

In a large bowl mix beef through pepper. Form into 2″ balls. Press a cheese cube in the middle and seal the meat around it.

Heat 1/2″ olive oil in a large skillet. Brown meatballs and then set aside on plate.

Pour marinara sauce into pan; bring to a simmer. Add meatballs and simmer until cooked through, about 30 minutes.

Serve over spaghetti or on top of a hoagie


I found this recipe on Facebook and it lead me to this website..

It was originally posted on March 21, 2012.  The name of the Website is Cooking with Christine.


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