15 Movies that Make Men Cry


The radio station I was listening to this morning on my way to work was talking about this list that someone put together of the top 15 movies that make men cry.. I figured I’d post and then put whether or not they have made me cry or not.


1. “Up,  2009.. where as this is sad.. I did not cry.. sorry.

Cover of "Up (Single Disc Widescreen)"

Cover of Up (Single Disc Widescreen)


2. “Spartacus”,  1960

Hell no..

3. “Saving Private Ryan,  1998

As much as I love.. LOVE Tom Hanks.. I refuse to watch this movie.. I don’t really like war movies.

4. “Rudy”,  1993

I saw this one.. but did not cry.. guess I have no soul

5. “Rocky,  1976

SERIOUSLY??? This makes men cry????  I’ve seen Rocky a thousand times.. I’ve never teared up

6. “The Pride of the Yankees,  1942

yeah..  never saw this one.

7. “Marley and Me,  2008

Now this one.. made me tear up a bit.. I didn’t out right cry.. but the eye’s got watery.. little side note on this movie.. the twins that played the baby at 9 months old are my cousin Keith’s babies.  🙂

Marley & Me by John Grogan

Marley & Me by John Grogan (Photo credit: bennylin0724)

8. “The Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King,  2003

okay.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. if you cry at this movie..I’m gonna have to think you have problems.

9. “Kramer vs. Kramer”,  1979

I remember seeing this when I was younger… it was very dramatic.. but don’t think I cried.

10. “Frequency”,  2000

I had to go look this one up.. I don’t think I’ve seen it.


Now for my list of movies that have made me cry..

5) Steel Magnolia‘s.  I bawled like a baby.  Now I can’t even watch it because I have my own Shelby and I just don’t even wanna think of that.

4) Bug .. only because I’m terrified of big roaches bugs ESPECIALLY one’s that burst into flames killing you in a horrible death.. not to mention I was like 4 when I saw it.. and it scarred me for life.


3) Dragonfly.. OMG.. when he walked into the hut and in the basket is the baby!!!!! BAWLING..


2) Beaches.. yup.. gets me every time

cos-13-beaches-1988-deand my number 1 movie that makes me just weep and weep..


1) Philadelphia.. Tom Hanks plays the role of his life (and that’s saying a lot with all the fantastic movies he’s done).. This movie just really makes me cry like a baby.. I have to fight to hold it in and I always end up losing it.  One of my all time favorite movies.



so that’s my list.. what movie has made you cry that I left off?

Read more: http://www.washfm.com/pages/loo-and-chilli.html?article=11754638#ixzz2iSFPfaIt





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