Best Band Ever…

This of course is strictly just my opinion so please don’t think this is something that is written in the books for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or any other Music Genre Hall of Fame… It’s just me sitting around watching YouTube videos because honestly.. work is dead right now.  Anyways.. back to what I was talking about.  I was born in the early 70’s (yes I’m getting old).. and while the 70’s had some good stuff come out of it.. the 80’s kicked ass.  Nothing.. and I mean NOTHING has come close to what the 80’s accomplished!  We started it all, the Glam Bands, the Heavy Metal bands, the Boy Bands.. we did it all!  I will admit though, that most of the bands that kicked ass in the 80’s originated in the 70’s and the one I’m going to name as the best band ever was formed in 1973 but they didn’t reach their height of popularity until the early 80’s.  This is going to surprise a lot of my friends because they are going to say that I will say the greatest band of all time is Motley Crue (and while that is true for the most part, I think this other band is just a slight bit better then they are).. The band I’m speaking of is……..drum roll please………….



yup, Journey.  Their songs are fantastic, timeless and everyone knows them.  One of the reasons Steve Perry has quit touring with the band (the main reason) is he had to have full hip replacement in 1998 making it hard for him to keep up with the grueling schedule of a traveling touring band.  He still sings and has recorded many songs.  He’s known as the hardest working retired musician ever.  He recently lost his love to cancer and shortly after underwent a cancer scare himself.  His voice is timeless, their songs are amazing and you just can’t say anything bad about them…. well you could, but I can’t.


Now saying that.. MOTLEY CRUE is unfreakingtouchable when it comes to their show’s their music, their lifestyle.  They are the epitome of Rock & Roll baby…



4 thoughts on “Best Band Ever…

    • Yup.. I know who and I’m already gonna tell you I totally disagree… totally.. 100%.. couldn’t disagree any more..Someone could offer me $5 million dollars to agree and I’d still have to disagree…

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