Bestiality is the New Rage?

So I’ve totally noticed a trend with bestiality over the last few years here in America and I have to wonder why?  I know it’s been around forever, (anyone remember the Donkey Show?… not that I’ve ever seen it)..The first show that really pops into my mind is

Family Guy.  family-guy-brian-older-girl


Now don’t get me wrong, I love Family guy.. it’s one of my favorite shows of all time.. but I always think to myself.. “Eww.. what the hell” when they show Brian kissing on some woman.  This is the main reason I wouldn’t let my kids see this show.. you can’t explain this to younger kids.

The next thing is the new Kia Soul Commercial..



In the latest commercial on these dancing hamsters, we see them shaping up, getting ready for the red carpet.  When they arrive to the premier they step out in tailored suits all trimmed up and the beautiful women on the side behind the ropes are giving the very approving eye.. again.. eww

Now what made me think up this blog today is the latest episode of American Horror Story : Coven.  This show is amazing.. simply amazing.. but in the last episode it showed Queenie luring the Minotaur in the back yard to a secluded area where she (being the human VooDoo doll) starts masturbating trying to get him aroused.. she’s trying to get him to “love” her..


I mean.. even little Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up to have her nipple bit off by her beloved dog in Nip/Tuck!!



Peanut Butter Half Pint????  Say it aint so!

I just don’t get it!  Am I missing something?  Well, even if I am missing something, I’m going to continue missing it…


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