Proof Hollywood is Out of Ideas

So I came across this article today about sequels that Hollywood is in the process of filming this year.  It reaffirmed to me that my suspicions were correct, that Hollywood is out of original ideas.  Don’t believe that?  Well you just might when you see this list of remakes they are planning on doing…

6) Beverly Hills Cop 4.  It has been listed before that Eddy Murphy holds the “sequel” record in Hollywood and after you see that he is on this list twice, you’ll have to admit it’s true.  Think about it, Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop, Shrek, Dr. Doolittle, 48 Hours.. and you’ll see he’s in yet another sequel further down this list!

5) Triplets!  Can’t think of what this is a sequel too, well.. Twins of course.. starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito.  Well this remake is going to include, yup, you guessed it.. Eddy Murphy as their long lost 3rd brother!


4) is Army of Darkness  2 (Evil Dead 4).  Now I know my husband is excited about this one.  He’s a big Bruce Campbell fan.   Me personally… I could do without.

3) Beetlejuice 2… yup, and Michael Keaton is in talks to be our favorite undead ghoul with serious sexual frustrations. … Can’t help it.. but maybe Miley will twerk on him?? lol

download (1)


2) Blade Runner 2… and yes, Harrison Ford has expressed interest in reprising his role… I guess when you get to be his age in Hollywood you can’t be overly choosy on your roles anymore if you want to continue working..


and finally…

1)  TOP GUN 2… I feel the need.. the need to throw up!  I didn’t care for the original (I really am not a fan of Tom Cruise at all)..I’m gonna have to steal the entire paragraph on this one..

Hollywood has been threatening to make a sequel to Top Gun for years, but when the original film’s director, Tony Scott, died last year, it seemed he took the idea of a sequel with him. Which was probably just as well, because gathering the entire original cast of Top Gun back together would just seem like a bunch of terrifyingly old men alongside the comically un-aged Tom Cruise. The rivalry between Maverick and Iceman would seem particularly cruel, considering Tom Cruise is still Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer now resembles an unbaked croissant.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Ice(d frosting)man

However, we should have known that a tragic death isn’t enough to keep Maverick on the ground, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced that the film is moving forward, because after unleashing The Lone Ranger on us, Bruckheimer is content to just remake movies that everyone liked 30 years ago”

yup.. this pretty much sums it up!  Ya know, say what you will about the Twilight series.. she had an original idea.. sparkly vampires that didn’t burst into flames in the sun was an original idea..!

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One thought on “Proof Hollywood is Out of Ideas

  1. Ha ! That paragraph comparing tom cruise to the baked croissantes of his coworkers.. it’s like it’s a bad thing. But you can’t try to bring back beetlejuice ! There’s a reason why people tend to hate sequels – trying to out do classics

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