Batter Up!!

One thing that is very therapeutic for me to do is bake.  I love baking… something about mixing all the right ingredients together, then baking it to perfection just soothes my soul.  Maybe it’s because it takes me back to my childhood.. watching my mother bake the best things ever (OMG was she an excellent baker/chef)…maybe it’s the fact that people love what I bake and it makes me feel good knowing that I’m giving them something they like.. who knows.. I just know I love to do it.  The only problem for me when I bake is… I love the batter.  I could eat raw batter of pretty much any kind until I was sick.  Cookie dough is top on my list followed by Yellow Cake batter followed by banana nut bread batter.  I just love it. To me the batter tastes better then the finished product.

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough (Photo credit: Dave Lifson)  YES PLEASE

Now I know y’all are thinking.. Shannon.. that’s not good for you, there’s raw eggs in it!  YEAH AND???  I have indulged in raw batter my entire life and never once have I gotten sick or died from it.. knock on wood!  My kids have licked the beaters more then once too and guess what… they’ve been just fine!  So I say.. BATTER UP.. keep licking the beaters, but make sure you turn them off first, remove them from the mixer so you don’t accidentally turn it back on with your tongue wrapped up in it and enjoy life!






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