Cute Sock Snowmen



The feeling of frozen hands isn’t what you want to remember this year’s holidays by. You can avoid the horrors of a cold shivering afternoon rolling big piles of dirty snow around the yard, and still have fun making the traditional snowman. This time, make your own cute little snowmen out of socks. It’s perfect for a warm indoor Christmas activity, especially when it hasn’t snowed yet! Here is what you will need:

• socks: a white one and a colored-patterned one
• a pack of rice or beans (potpourri will do the trick as well; also it will smell nice)
• strings of ribbon or twine
• a couple of rubber bands (or a sowing kit if you want the snowman to be rigid)
• some buttons
• a piece of material (like a part of toothpick or a stick) to use for the nose

The big advantage of the sock snowmen is that they don’t melt as soon as the Sun sees them. They take about 10 minutes to make and the process is fairly easy. Bellow are the steps….


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