Lacy’s Journal, On Sale Now

Every girl dreams of a picture perfect life: married to the man of their dreams, the perfect house, perfect job, and perfect children. What more could anyone want? Taken for granted by the man of her dreams of 17 years, 3 kids with activities that consume more time than expected, and a job that is just a job. Lacy wanted more. Enter Jackson, the police officer working the case at her office and is now the new security guard there. Jackson is everything her husband Craig isn’t: fun and attentive. It also doesn’t hurt he’s super sexy. Lacy sees Jackson as a friend, but is that how he sees her? Strange things start to happen that Lacy can’t explain-like her house and car being broken into and the feeling she’s being followed. It’s she being targeted? Why? Jackson vows to keep her safe but can he? Craig seems clueless, or is he? Jackson seems one step behind the stalker but can he be caught before something fatal happens?
Sex, lies, kidnapping and murder…a world in which Lacy never expected to take over her life.
Read the intimate thoughts of Lacy’s journal… the perfect life.




On sale now on only $2.99


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