Why do we want what we know we can’t have?

Have you ever noticed that the very MOMENT you realize you can’t have something, that’s when you want it?  I mean think about it.. You decide that you want to cut back on your food intake and maybe lose a few pounds.  You keep it to yourself and for a few days you do great.. then someone says “Hey.. I notice you’ve had small salads for lunch, are you dieting?”  So you answer “Yeah.. I figured it was time to go on a …dun dun dun… Diet”.. AND BAM.. you said the D word and even though you’ve been doing the exact same thing for days and have had no problem suddenly your starving to death.  Everything looks tasty and your stomach is screaming at you.. “FEED ME.. FEED ME SEYMOUR”..


Same goes for other things as well, not just food.  If someone tells you that you can’t do something.. the first thought (at least for me) is ..”Oh yeah buddy.. just watch and see”.  My ex husband told me once when I was going to go out for a girls night out that I was not allowed to go out with this one girl.  Now I hadn’t planned on going out with her anyways but when he said “I put my foot down!! You are not ALLOWED to go out with her”.. boy… that changed everything for me.  Of course I invited her to go along afterwards and while he was going to go out that night to the races.. he ended up getting home by 10 that night because he had a “migraine”.. I didn’t get home til almost 4 am!  HAHAHAHAHA.. learned him..

I have found that this also goes for Sex… it’s kinda like oxygen.   You don’t’ really realize how much you want or need it until it’s gone.  The minute my husband tells me he’s scheduled to work the next 7 nights I know that we won’t see each other for a week, he works nights, I work days and we only see each other as I’m leaving for work and he’s going to bed or vice-versa, my libido goes through the roof!  If the wind blows I find myself able to light up a dark room.. if ya get my hint!  It’s then suddenly my 5 minute showers now last 20 or so.. tmi?? To bad!  You know your the same way… don’t judge!

So what is it about being told we can’t have something that makes us want it so much?  It’s maddening I tell you!  Anyways, what’s something that moment your told you can’t have is the exact moment your brain tells you that you must have it or you will die???




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