Name Calling

I have to ask, what is wrong with people?  Have we gotten to a point that the art of conversation is lost completely?  I have found that today it is impossible to discuss anything with anyone.  If you disagree with someone your called names, if someone disagrees with you they call you names.  People are quick to point out if you’ve made a grammatical error and say things like “Well I couldn’t get past your extra use of a comma in the second sentence to even pay attention to your message”.


What happened to the art of debate?  When did we become a nation that lives by the sentiment that either you agree totally with me or your ___________________ (insert whatever  name you’d wish here)!  I am a Republican and I do not support our current President.  Before I say anything on why I do not support the job he is doing, I’m a racist.  If I think that Miley Cyrus is a freaking genius for her actions right now then I’m an idiot because she clearly needs help.  See the pattern?  No one is allowed to have their own thoughts or beliefs without being called a name.  Your not given the chance to explain your beliefs as the other person doesn’t want to even hear them and has already deemed you a moron.

People literally look for something, anything to call you out on it.  OMG.. YOU MADE THAT GRAMMATICAL ERROR.. YOUR OBVIOUSLY AN UNEDUCATED IDIOT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T USE PUNCTUATION CORRECTLY.. how dare you even be allowed to breath air!!  I understand that if you are one of those people who excelled in grammar it is annoying to read things when the writer does not do it correctly.  That’s fine, your allowed to be annoyed or aggravated, but why must you call them names?  Not every one is perfect when it comes to grammar like the grammar Nazis are.  I can not do advanced mathematical problems.  I know my limitations where it comes to math so I just avoid them.  If I come across someone who can do those extreme problems, you know the one’s with letters and numbers and symbols and hieroglyphics in them..I don’t go into bashing mode and start calling them names because they are not on the same level as I am.  I in fact envy them for their ability to do those things.  I wish I could do them, I wish I was some great author who has perfect grammar, I wish I was everything everyone wants me to be but I’m not.  I’m just me.  I have my own ideas, my own thoughts and my own experiences.  The difference is, I don’t bash anyone who doesn’t think like me.  I welcome different perspectives on things.  I love learning new things.  I only wish that everyone could get to a point of wanting to teach and learn instead of put down and hate and stay close minded.

I am a “Live and Let Live” person.  If I can come up with something that other’s can read and get a laugh out of, or maybe learn something new or even light a fire up under them to try to teach me that my way may very well be incorrect then that is great.  It’s all about living and helping others.  If you come at me in attack mode however, you’ve turned me off from even reading what your opinion is and that is sad because your opinion could very well be the correct way of thinking about it.  You could help me or others to learn something but because you have to make yourself feel superior by calling me or whomever you are disagreeing with names you’ve ended that opportunity before it even had the chance to start.


One thought on “Name Calling

  1. Some people I believe live for the arguement. Their not happy unless they are putting people down. Typically it’s because they feel worthless about themselves so to feel better they try to make others feel worthless too.

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