$10 Fine for “Unbalanced” Lunch!



New York City School Bus Drivers On Verge Of Strike



I found this article today on line and just could not believe it!  This school really needs some help.  They are punishing this woman for feeding her kids a healthy home made meal for lunch instead of crap?  Maybe her kids had their grains for breakfast?  What idiot at the school thought Ritz crackers were healthy and needed?  Oh this just infuriated me.  I hope this woman tears into the school over this.  I’d say get an attorney but $10 is not enough to rack up hundreds/thousands of dollars in court cost.  I would put Ritz Crackers in every single lunch I ever made my kids again!  PB&J on whole wheat bread with Ritz Crackers… Chicken Nuggets with Ritz.. yup.. they’d have a never ending supply of them damn crackers.


Manitoba, Canada, was fined $10 because the school said her kids’ lunches weren’t balanced, at least according to the Canadian Food Guide.

Kristen Bartkiw sent her two kids to daycare with a lunch consisting of roast beef and potatoes, an orange, carrots, and milk.

What was missing? Grains.

Because her kids’ meals were “unbalanced” the school gave her kids Ritz crackers – and sent Kristin a bill for $10 – five bucks per kid.

The crazy thing is that Ritz crackers might very well be the least healthy thing those kids ate that day.


photo credit: getty

Read more: http://www.wmzq.com/pages/the-boxer-show.html?article=11847358#ixzz2lHjI3tkM


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