Happy Birthday Mom



Today would have been my beautiful mothers birthday, she would have been 68.  She was simply put the most loving, most caring, most protective, most beautiful person in the world and she died way to young.   I remember all the times she took care of me while I was sick, all the times she popped my butt when I was bad, all the times she encouraged me to get up and do whatever it was my heart desired.  She stood by me even when she knew I was making the worst possible decisions.  Her love never wavered when it came to her kids.  I miss her so very much.. I’ve blogged about her before, here’s the link to her last bday blog..





2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Happy Birthday mom-in-law….btw…i’m doing your daughter. hehehe. Seriously I wish I could have met her. Sorry she couldn’t be here for you.

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