The Dreaded Flu Shot..

Okay.. so I posted a blog about how the Flu Shots are BAD BAD BAD… and I stand by that!  Nothing anyone could ever say will ever change my take on them.  Since I’ve posted this blog I’ve had literally thousands of hits on it, I’m talking 20,000 views at least and with any blog there have been people who have agreed with me and people who have disagreed with me.  I will say that those that agree have all been very kind in their responses and given their own reasons why they do.  However those that didn’t agree, well the majority of them have called me names and pointed out my grammatical errors which really??? Your going to look at the fact that I’m not a professor instead of the message I was trying to convey.. okay..whatever.  See, I’m not going to call you names like you did me because I believe anyone has the right to their own opinions, and even if I don’t agree it doesn’t mean that they are wrong in the way they think.

I decided to write this blog today in response to everyone who bashed me for being against them and trying to “scare” people into not getting them.  That was never my intention.  My intention was just to bring to light that the flu shots are not necessarily the safest thing to put into your body and by doing some simple things you can live just fine without every contracting the flu or getting the vaccine.  First however, I’m going to explain why I am so totally against this particular vaccine (I’m getting tired of typing it over and over again so I’m gonna do just one here!).

Back in 1976/77 there was a “Pandemic” that came through the United States.  I was 6 at the time and from birth I had always been sickly with respiratory problems.  It started when I was just 3 months old, I became violently ill and my parents found me turning blue and choking on vomit in my crib.  After rushing me to the hospital the discovered that I had Asthma, Double Pneumonia and the Hong Kong Flu.  The doctors informed my parents that I was going to die (this was the first time out of 3 times that a doctor told my mom to call the funeral home I wasn’t going to make it.)  This was a deadly virus that killed thousands.  Fast forward 6 years and yours truly became deathly ill again.  This time however it hit after I received a flu vaccine at the request of my doctor because of my history.  I remember going and getting the shot, I was fine.  Not a care in the world, not the least bit sick.  By midnight that night I was in intensive care fighting for my life.  I had a fever of a 107 and they told my mom that I was going to die, that I was literally baking my internal organs to include my brain.  I remember laying in the Oxygen tent and shivering to death because my body was so hot but the cold wetness of the pure Oxygen had me freezing.  I remember them putting me in a bathtub full of ice water in efforts to break the fever.  Have you ever burned yourself on a pot or something then put ice on it?  It’s painful, right?  Try emerging your entire body in ice water after you’ve been burned?  My mom later told me that I screamed so loudly and sounded like I was in such tremendous pain that she started fighting the nurses and doctors to get to me to get me out of the tub.  They had to forcibly remove her from the room so they could do their jobs.  4 days later I woke up with my fever gone and no brain damage or organ damage.  It was truly a miracle in everyone’s eyes because I should have died.  I should have been a vegetable, but I wasn’t.  In fact I was just like I was before, full of life and spunk.

I have only had the flu 3 times in my life. The first time you just read about, after receiving the shot I was hit with such a severe case of the flu it almost killed me.  The second time was after I had my first born child vaccinated at the request of his doctor.  Within 24 hours of him getting it we both had the flu so bad I could hardly move.  The third time was after I had my second child vaccinated at the request of the same doctor.  Even though I was against it, she was a premature baby and at year old only weighed 13lbs.  Because of her tiny size and being born with Asthma I thought I was doing the right thing.  Again within 24 hours all 3 of us had the flu.  I have never gotten my children vaccinated again and none of us have had the flu since!  Its not coincidental that we only got the flu after the shot, I firmly believe the shot is what gave us the flu.

I will say that some 20 yrs after I got that one and only fateful shot in the 70’s I had a nurse explain to me (she was trying to calm me down and help me understand why it was better for my daughter to receive one) that in 1976/77 they actually had tainted flu vaccines that killed thousands.  I apparently got one of those shots.  I am not allergic to eggs and neither are my children.  There is no reason why we should have the side effects we did but the fact is, we do.

Are flu shot’s going to kill you if you get them?  Most likely not.  Are they going to give you the flu? Maybe, maybe not, everyone is different.  Are the really necessary?  In my own PERSONAL opinion, no they are not!  The facts are the flu vaccines only aim to protect you against 3 or 4 of the top strands that season, but there are well over 200 strands of it every year.  You have just as much or even better odds of NOT getting the flu by simply doing a few things to try to protect yourself like, wash your hands many many times during the day, try to not touch any touch screens with your finger tips instead use your knuckles.  Don’t touch your eye’s/nose or mouth, cough and sneeze into your arm where it bends instead of your hands, avoid touching door knobs, toilet seats or toilet handles.  And for the love of God.. if you are sick, STAY HOME!  I understand that you may have to work, some of us don’t have the luxury of missing work for any reason but limit your exposure to your desk only… don’t go to the grocery store, don’t go to the mall.. keep your sick butt at home.  Sanitize your phones, your desk tops, your keyboards, any surfaces you touch regularly.  All of these things will do just as much to protect you as the flu vaccine (probably even more so) and it’s not introducing a dead or live virus into your body!


Now, to my grammar Nazis… if I misspelled something I’m sorry.  If I put in one too many comma’s or apostrophes, please forgive me.  To those who think the flu shot’s are the greatest and everyone should get one, please do not call me stupid, uneducated or pompous because I do not believe the same way, I do not think those things about you because you think differently then me.  I am by no means telling people they should NEVER EVER get this inoculation.  If you work in the medical field where you are around sick people daily, then yeah it’s probably better that you do get it.  If you teach or work around the elderly, yeah you probably should too.. but if your healthy and you are not around any of the places I just mentioned, I honestly do not believe in my heart of hearts that you should get this.  Like I said, you can protect yourself just as well if not better without it.


30 thoughts on “The Dreaded Flu Shot..

    • Umm it is kinda about if people agree.. if they agree.. if they’ve had their own bad experience then nothing you or any health professional is ever going to say to them to change their minds. In this particular post I just gave my own personal reasons why I do not believe in this particular inoculation. It’s my blog.. and my right to post what I believe. No where in this blog am I telling people don’t go get it.. In fact in the last paragraph I even say there are some people who probably should get it. but for me.. ME.. I will not get it.. I will always think of them as bad for you..I am glad you find my blogs on this topic so interesting and time consuming for you.

      Have a fantastic night.. be healthy and be happy.

      • No, it’s not about if ppl agree with your opinion. It’s about their health!

        Yeah I do find it interesting! Bc I have seen children die and elderly ppl from the flu and that is sad! And you are spreading false information about it in a viral way! I just look out for other ppl and I’m passionate about that! But I did take an oath to do no harm. Did you?

        • Wait…..wooooo…how is her own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE false information? I don’t get that. She almost died from the flu shot. That is fact. This post was all about HER EXPERIENCE.

            • No wrong post. This post is called the dreaded flu shot and she was responding to those who posted on the other post and she told her own personal story.

              • How is it false? This post only talks about her experience with the shot and how she almost died. We are not talking about the other post. We are talking about this one that you are commenting on. scroll up and read it. She doesn’t talk about anything about the flu shot and it’s adverse reactions in it at all. There are two posts. The first one that you originally posted on that had all the factually based information which I went and gave you plenty of references to browse and then there is this one. This one right here ONLY talks about her experience as a child and her childrens experience. That’s it. BTW I posted a blog aon the dangers of the flu shot too. I was in the military for 20 years It was mandatory for me to take it. It took the shot (dead virus) and the myst (live virus) and every year for 20 year I got the flu. Not sick the flu. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with the flu within days. I have been retired for 3 years and have not had the shot in those 3 years and amazingly I have not been sick. I refuse to get this shot. Does everyone react the same? NO. For some it does protect. This is true but not all. There are so many documented cases My wife included who have almost died from this shot and it is not advisable for them to take it. you can’t say everyone should have it when some can die from it.

              • Then reply to that post and I left you about 15 to 20 references on that post to support her post for you to read.

              • So no matter how credible the reference you want nothing to do with it if it goes opposite what you believe? Hmmm ok. And you can’t say their not if you don’t check them out.

              • Per the CDC

                The CDC says:

                “In 1976, there was a small increased risk of GBS following vaccination with an influenza vaccine made to protect against a swine flu virus. The increased risk was approximately 1 additional case of GBS per 100,000 people who got the swine flu vaccine. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducted a thorough scientific review of this issue in 2003 and concluded that people who received the 1976 swine influenza vaccine had an increased risk for developing GBS.

                Scientists have multiple theories on why this increased risk may have occurred, but the exact reason for this association remains unknown.”

                References given in the earlier comment.

        • Prove to me how many “lives” this flu vaccination actually “saves”. I doubt she is spreading false information, she is merely stating HER opinion. If anyone is uneducated enough to take a bloggers advice about something so serious well, that’s called natural selction, honey. However I am going to give MY opinion on the “Flu Shot”. There is something highly questionable in the world we live in today, about something becoming “MANDATORY”. We are supposed to be free in this country and threatening my fellow American’s jobs and basically their entire lives by terminating them immediately if they do not have a flu shot is WRONG!!! I don’t care who you are or what you believe. You are just another one of the sheeple. We all should have the right to choose what is injected into our bodies, what with the rise of diseases such as lupus, fibromyalgia, cancer, autism, ADHD, I am higly vigilant in anything I continue to allow to enter mine and my children’s bodies. Although I am a wiccan I firmly believe in God, and know my life is in God’s hands. If my body is weak enough to die because of the flu, then it was clearly my time to go. I have had the flu only a couple times in my life and almost died from pneumonia as an infant. Obviously it was not my time. I could die from Aspartame poisoning, a “knockout”, an icy car crash, a murderous boyfriend…Again if it is my time then who am I or my government to play God and interfere with NATURAL SELECTION. The weak ones go…it’s just the way it’s supposed to be. The benefits do not outweigh the risk. I currently suffer from chronic pain and they want to label me as fibromyalgia and prescribe me a drug Lyrica, which the pharmacy even made sure they mailed me several warning packets and disclaimers. I would rather suffer in pain or find a natural alternative than take a drug FDA approved that has a booklet of side effects including carcinoma. Are you kidding me?

          • Dont you just LOVE it when the side effects are 3x longer then the benefits of it??? I am always amazed at the commercials that state “May cause cancer”.. really??? I want to take something that may cause me to get cancer???? I don’t think so!!! And now how often do you see commercials from attorney’s offices saying “IF you’ve ever taken or know a family member who has you could receive money for the damages said medicine caused”

        • This article is not mine.. it was someone elses. I am not a medical professional.. I’ve NEVER CLAIMED TO BE ONE… I simply do not agree with the flu vaccine from my own personal experiences… I don’t think they are needed.. especially by everyone. I feel if people did simple things to protect themselves they would be fine. Do I believe every vaccine is bad, no I do not.. just the flu shot.. and again.. from my own personal experiences.. That is why I posted the second blog explaining why I believe that.. it’s my MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES THAT HAVE LEAD ME TO BELIEVE IT….

            • ^^This bitch is crazy. I agree with you Shannon. Emily get a life, find a real cause to complain about, instead of picking on someone who was only posting her personal experience.

              • 🙂 Thank you. I don’t think Emily is crazy.. she is just very passionate about the “Good” the flu vaccine does. It’s sad though that she refuses to allow someone to not agree with her however. I’m sure in her line of work that vaccine is something that does outweigh the bad effects but I still firmly believe that not everyone needs this shot/mist. And I FIRMLY believe that NO employer should have the right to fire someone who opts to not get it.

  1. The problem is that the original post was linked to an article that was spreading misinformation about the harmful effects of the flu shot (it didn’t actually talk about real issues, such as people with egg allergies). It’s unfortunate that you had a terrible personal experience, but we have to be careful when making recommendations and spreading false information that can cause people to make harmful decisions. I think it is a concern that people might extend these ideas to other types of vaccinations that are completely necessary for wiping out horrible diseases, such as polio and measles.

    It’s too bad that you had to delete the original post, because I thought I made a fairly good case as to why each of those points were false.

    • Well I will be the first to admit it.. I did not research the article. I should have but I didn’t. Your reply did have some great points and if I remember correctly yours was one of the reasons why I did decide to delete it.. because you nicely helped me realize that I was spreading false information, and that was not my intention. I will firmly stand by my resolve that not everyone needs the flu shot.. Does that mean I am against all vaccines? No, of course not.. just this one in particular. I do not want anyone to base a medical decision on anything I may publish.. What I would like them to do however is.. take a moment and think about what ever it is, research it for themselves and make an educated decision instead of just blindly doing what they are told. What is good for one person is not necessarily good for all. 🙂

      Thank you for your reply’s and have a great day. I look forward to future responses..

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