I STILL Believe the Flu Shot is Bad Bad Bad

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog with an article that I came across that listed reasons why the flu shot was bad for you.  Several people very nicely informed me that the article was not factual but understood what I was saying.. it is because of those people that I decided to go ahead and delete the blog.

Many many people were down right mean with their responses.  To those I say..your tactics did NOTHING for me to want to even respond more or less delete the article.  You really and truly need to learn tact and the art of persuasion.  By calling people names and telling them they are stupid or uneducated because they do not agree with the way you think, well all you are doing is causing people to steadily keep thinking opposite of what you want them too!!!  YOU should educated yourselves on how to speak to people and how to use the power of positive persuasion.  Look it up.. learn it.. live it….


Now, I will tell you.. I will never ever believe that the flu shot is good for EVERYONE!  If you work in the medical field, then yes, you probably should get it.  If you are a teacher then yes, you should probably get it too.  If you are elderly, sickly or very young and have respiratory problems, then yeah.. you should probably get it too.  But if you are healthy and don’t get sick, then guess what.. you don’t need one!  If you are someone like me who got one and ended up in the hospital in the ICU ward for 4 days fighting for your life after you got one… then yeah.. you shouldn’t get another one!  If you never get the flu, and got the shot and Magically got the flu, then didn’t get another one and didn’t get the flu again.. well you probably shouldn’t get one again.

Not all of the comments I got were mean, in fact some of them agree’d with me.  People told me stories of receiving the flu shot then fighting for their lives after.  One poor woman was 6 months pregnant with twins and at her doctors request got a flu shot.  A few days later she was in ICU fighting for her life, she ended up having to have an emergency C-Section leaving her very premature babies fighting for their lives.  Luckily all of them survived, but the fact is she went through all of that as a DIRECT result from getting the vaccine.  Another woman commented that her husband got the H1N1 vaccine and will for the rest of his life suffer from a seizure disorder that was a DIRECT result from the shot.  Many many more wrote to tell their own personal stories of suffering greatly after receiving the shot and or mist.  It is not all in our heads, it’s a true physical reaction brought on directly by the very thing that was meant to keep us healthy!  I posted my own story of what happened after I got one in 1977/76.  For my story however mine is a little different.  I got a tainted inoculation that made me so very ill.  During that time they gave out thousand of them and it killed thousands of people.  I am lucky that it did not kill me however it did scar me for life.. not  a physical scar but a mental one.

Think of it this way if you will.  Say you get your favorite meal from McDonalds, or Burger King.. or even Taco Bell.  Your so hungry and you eat it all gone.. then shortly after you start feeling ill.. then shortly after that you are vomiting uncontrollably.  You end up in the hospital where they pump your stomach because you have eaten tainted meat which has given you severe food poisoning and you are now fighting for your life.  You are so very ill that the doctors tell your loved one’s to call the funeral home because you will not survive the night.  (This is EXACTLY what the doctors told my own mother when I was in the ICU after getting my fateful flu shot).  Several days later, and hundreds of prayers later, you have survived and you start to feel human.  A day or so later you get to leave the hospital.  My question is, are you really going to ever eat at that restaurant again?  No, I don’t think you will.  Well for those of us who have been effected like this by the flu vaccine.. we feel this way about it.  And nothing you say can ever change our way of thinking!  No amount of proof you show, no amount of articles you give us links to, no matter how credible they are will change our way of looking at them.  I’m sorry but that’s the truth.

There are simple things you can do to protect yourself from the flu and I’ve mentioned them before.

1) WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!! Use soap and water and use it often, hand sanitizer does not make the need for soap and water obsolete.

2) Sneeze and cough into your arm where it bends instead of your hands.

3) Do not touch things with your finger tips use your knuckle instead.  Things like ATM buttons, touch screens, or door knobs.  Try to use paper towels to open bathroom doors and use your foot to flush the toilet.

4) Sanitize your own stuff like your cell phone, your home phone, your keyboard and remotes, your own door knobs, your steering wheel and door handles in your car, radio buttons, bathrooms sinks ect.

5) Take extra Vitamin C daily.

6) If you do happen to get sick, stay home so you don’t give it to everyone else!

7) Don’t share your drinks/food/utensils.

Its all about common sense!  Doing these simple things will.. WILL greatly reduce your chances of getting the flu.  I am not saying you should not get the shot yourself.  If you are one of those people who get them yearly and never have any reaction to them.. FANTASTIC!  If you do get sick from but still want to get it.. GREAT.. GO FOR IT.. If you feel that it is best for your family to get them… go for it!  I am by far not telling anyone they should not get it!  I do believe in vaccinations.  They have wiped out many many different diseases, and yes as someone pointed out on my other blog because people are choosing to not get their kids inoculated things are coming back like Polio and the Measles.  I do NOT however believe in the Flu vaccine.  I have my reasons and I’ve discussed them in the past.  I am not stupid, nor am I uneducated or a moron.  I am not going to hide away in my home during the flu season because I did not get the damn shot.. but I promise I will not be in public sneezing all over the place, coughing without covering my mouth and spewing my germs all over the place.  I’m not that self absorbed.  I do actually care about others.  I also do not believe that any employer should have the right to threaten you with loss of employment if you do not agree to have this vaccine either.  Last I checked, this is still a free country!  No government should be allowed to force it’s people to put any chemical into their body against their will.

One last thing before I go.  If you leave me a comment calling me any kind of a name.. I will delete your comment.  This is MY blog and I do have the right to write about whatever the hell I want too.  And yes you have the right to reply however you wish.. I have the right to delete it!  🙂

Have a wonderful day and stay healthy!


7 thoughts on “I STILL Believe the Flu Shot is Bad Bad Bad

  1. Very well said and I totally agree with you. I also think you should not have had to delete the original post because people don’t know how to disagree with being an asshole about it.

  2. No need to take any flu shots, the best protection is not to spend too much time at crowded and poorly ventilated places, make sure you have enough of rest so that your body will have enough of antibodies to protect you from the flu virus.

  3. Go you! I can’t believe you got so many negative reactions. MOST people have had negative reactions to the flu shot. Sure, maybe SOME people are fine, but not the majority. I say that if you’ve never had the flu, then don’t bother with the shot. I’m glad to say that in my 25 years, I’ve never had the flu, never got a shot. My parents in their 40s/50s have never had the shot, never had the flu. So you tell ’em!

    • I completely agree.. and that was really the point of the whole thing.. I don’t believe EVERYONE has to get the stupid thing.. not all need it. If everyone in the world got it, it would not eradicate the flu.. people would still get it! I was completely bashed and blasted in my other one.. called every name possible. All because I don’t think that 1 particular vaccine is worth the risks.

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