Healthy Teenager Dies From Flu Shot


Several of my friends have sent me this story from many many different news outlets because they know my feelings on the flu shot and know that I myself almost died from one.  I thought long and hard about posting this story simply because I am not trying to deter people who would have other wised got the shot from getting it, but then I decided no.. I would post it.  I had and still have people telling me every single day that you do not get the flu from the flu shot, that you may get a cold or whatever but that the shot is not harmful to us humans.  I have fought each of them saying that for some of us these vaccines are harmful, that there is a reaction that comes directly from the shot itself.  Just because the CDC says it’s impossible, does not mean that’s 100% set in stone truth.  Even the CDC will tell you that medical findings change daily.

Now I know this particular instance isn’t the normal, but the fact does remain that it did happen.  Even the doctors are not in agreement of what happened, only that this teenager was healthy before the shot.  I think the more test they run, it will become apparent that he did have a reaction that was a direct link of the vaccine.  He was not allergic to eggs or they wouldn’t have given him the shot to begin with, so people cannot say “Well he had an allergic reaction“.  I can’t wait to find out the results of this case.

So my stance on this vaccine stands!  The Flu Shot can be harmful to some of us.  There is a direct link between the shot and being sick, even deathly sick.  I am of course still not saying that EVERYONE should avoid getting the vaccine, I’ve never said that!!  What I am saying and have said and will continue to say is.. THE FLU SHOT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!  It is not a cure, it is not even proven to 100% protect you from even getting the flu.  So with all that’s been said, please feel free to decide on your own what is important to you and your family.  Be sure to research everything on your own and talk to your doctors.  Never ever base a decision off a story you read online.  Take the time to learn all you can on your own medical issues, listen to your doctor, get second opinions and then make your decision!


Have a great day!


5 thoughts on “Healthy Teenager Dies From Flu Shot

  1. Horrible that happened, hopefully she and the video helps to spread the word that this can happen from the flu shot. People need to stop telling everyone this can never happen when in fact it can and does.

  2. What happened to your other flu shot post? It was titled “See.. Flu Shots are Bad Bad Bad.” It was on my list of links I send to people when they say they are going to get one of those shots.

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