My Crush of the Month December 2013

Well.. this is my last crush of the month for this year… Lets see who made my list for this year?

January was Michael Caine

February was my hubby Robert Nelson

March was Vince Neil from Motley Crue

April was Tony Stewart

May was Tim McGraw

June was Vince Neil oops apparently I really crush on him

July was Sandra Bullock

August was Patrick Swayze

September was Diane Lane

October was Johnny Depp

November was Hugh Jackman…

Now for Decembers crush..




Will Smith!!!  He is such a talented man!  He can sing, dance and act! Triple threat!  He’s proven  he can do comedy and drama.  I like that his music doesn’t have a million F bombs in it, and honestly his movies don’t either!  I have been a fan of his since the Fresh Prince days, and honestly.. he just gets better looking with age..



I mean look at that body!!!!  It’s just not right to look that good!!!




2 thoughts on “My Crush of the Month December 2013

    • Now see.. I crush all the time.. they are usually quick crushes.. they do something that makes me think.. I love Tom Hanks!!! and yeah, it’s always sad to lose a talent, especially so young

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